Tuesday, January 01, 2013


 Nothing like unexpected Yarny goodness for the New Year. 
Nancy (Wyoming Breezes) sent this gorgeous yarn to me.  I entered her contest and I wasn't even a winner and she sent  this soft fun skein to me.  Oh it is going to be a wonderful hat. The first hat of my new year.   Thanks sweet Nancy!
A co-worker Nurse friend of mine gave me this yarn bowl on Sunday night shift.  I nearly cried.  Her husband throws pottery and made it just for me.   It is so beautiful.   I' have always wanted one, but was too cheap to buy one..........
What a way to ring in the new Year.  
New yarn and New Yarn bowl.  

I do resolutions. I know some of you do not.   I completely respect the no resolution group.  I really do.  I make them for fun. 

Here are my New Year resolutions:

* I will see the Northern Lights this year. 
(At least once a year the weatherman/person says we can catch them in Chicago if we go to a dark location.....
I will see them this year!) 

*I am not buying any wrapping paper this year.  I plan to use old brown bags.  (Brown paper packages tied up with string) 
I WILL make them beautiful with ordinary things I find in my yard/home.  

and Finally

* I will knit myself a Lopi Sweater.  
This is a big big goal for me.  I'm up for it. 
Mosaic Yarn Studio near me will edit a pattern to fit my specific body shape for ten dollars.  

Happy New Year Pretend Friends. 
Resolutions or NO? 


SissySees said...

Stunning yarn!! I'm so glad you introduced me to Nancy.

Love your resolutions. Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

It was my pleasure to send you the yarn, and I hope you enjoy knitting something with it. I value our cyberland friendship.

I received a yarn bowl for Christmas, too. It is a handy and beautiful tool.

Jennifer said...

Love your New Year's Resolutions! Happy New Year!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous yarn and bowl - I have a ceramic artist friend who's threatened to make some for our knitting circle, would love it! Happy New Year to you and yours, and thanks

gMarie said...

Wonderful yarn and stunning yarn bowl! I love it.

Resolutions? This year I plan to 'live' more. I feel like I've spent the last year working and little else. I turn 50 this year and I want to remember the dinners with friends, the vacations, where I get to meet pretend friends, the convos with hubby in the hot tub. How's that? g

sapphireblue said...

Happy New Year! I love that bowl.

Estella said...

All good resolutions. I don't buy wrapping paper often and have found the Sunday Comics to be excellent wrapping paper. I sometimes will buy a nice dish towel (tea cloth) and use that to wrap a gift. Happy New Year!

Araignee said...

Gorgeous bowl! Seeing the Northern Lights is on my Bucket List but I doubt it will ever come to pass. There is nothing better than Lopi to keep you warm and dry-perfect for seeing those Northern Lights!
Happy New Year!

Nancy Kay said...

Great yarn from Nancy. And I think you'll really like the yarn bowl; it has a wonderful design!

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions, but I think yours are very doable! Have fun in the new year!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes ...resolution #1 made. I am making one new one each month of the year. You can check out my blog to see what it is.

That is a lovely yarn bowl. Your friend's husband is very talented. Enjoy!

Happy 2013 to you and your family.

KSD said...

Nope --- no resolutions. But true envy at the gorgeous yarn and the yarn bowl!

Mereknits said...

OH MY GOSH! (yes I am shouting) That yarn bowl is stunning, and I am jealous. Lovely gift. No resolutions for me, but I love yours. I am just trying to live with more Peace as you already know. So far day number 1 I have done a good job.
Hugs to you,

KathyTNY said...

I will list my resolutions on my blog but I must tell you that I am shouting at you that I LOVE that yarn bowl!

I would be in tears if someone gave me one myself! I too have been wanting one but too cheap to get it.

Happy New Year!

Katherine said...

Nancy is so sweet!! That is beautiful yarn. Can't wait to see your hat. The yarn bowl is a true treasure!!

I make promises to myself rather than resolutions. Mine are to finish Classic Cardigan. (I've only been working on it for 4 months heehee). I also promise to TRY to control my temper in traffic, in the office, in restaurants, at home...anyway, to be more peaceful! Pray for me!

Robin said...

I love brown paper packages tied up with string! You can decorate them so many ways. You can cut potatoes into shape and use them to stamp the packages. I love the yarn and the bowl! He should sell those bowls - very nice!!

Alyssa said...

Happy New Year! I prefer to think of them as New Year's goals. My goals for this year: Lose 20 lbs, Make a budget, and take an art class.

Dorothy said...

Happy New Year!

Your new yarn bowl is gorgeous!

I'm pro resolution, but I don't beat myself up too much if I don't keep them!

RedClayLady said...
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RedClayLady said...

I need to get me some of that beautiful yarn! KFC

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