Saturday, December 01, 2012

Winter Warmth

More KindleMarket images for you.  These stars were about thirty dollars.  They were large and lovely.  Thirty dollars is a good amount of I didn't buy the star.  
 The Chicago Pigeons were cold on Tuesday. They huddled around the Marines Eternal Flame for warmth....
who says pigeons are stupid??
This years tree looked lovely on the Plaza.  

I'm the mood to knit some hats.  I figure I can make as many as I can make (no pressure there!) and then 
and Nathan 
can choose from the finished hats for a gift.  

I'm enjoying all the decorations in our town.  I'm enjoying my favorite Christmas music.  I'm even enjoying shopping at this point!

Have you seen the movie BUCK yet?  I am sure I already posted about it.  It won the Sundance Film award and it is an amazing movie.  

Buck keeps telling his clients, to figure out how to ENJOY life.  He's so right.  The horse whisperer Buck story is so good.   Treat yo self, as they say and rent it.  Then come on back and tell me how much you liked it.  
And lets all keep finding ways to ENJOY life, as all the wise ones say we should.  



Nancy said...

I agree that BUCK is an excellent movie.

I'm going light on the Christmas decorations this year. For some reason, I just don't have the motivation to put it all up.

SissySees said...

Just back from the downtown holiday parade. What fun! Now, as soon as my toes defrost, I'll take the girls on a very long walk... Tomorrow's the Knight's birthday. I don't do any Christmas decorating until after that.

KSD said...

So funny how knitters think of money in yarn terms. . .

Anonymous said...

I always think of money in terms of yarn. A fill up in my car is a bit more than two skeins of GOOD sock yarn. LOL

Araignee said...

I was feeling very smug while reading this thinking that I never spend money on yarn anymore and then it hit me that I just got a Cyber Monday order in the mail today-from Knit Picks.

knittingdragonflies said...

I'm in a hat mood also!! They are fun and fast (for the most part *grin*) I've been thinking about casting on one with some handspun.
Love the photos
Take care
Vickiabearc 76

Nancy Kay said...

Beautiful pictures.

I have not seen BUCK, but will put in on my list.

I've started decorating, but I still have a Christmas Village to set up. I don't do it every year because it's so time consuming...but I'm looking forward to it this year.

Katherine said...

Great idea! I am so enjoying life this holiday season!! I don't think I could have passed up the star for any amount of yarn. I have been decorating with a frenzy this year--more than ever before and it feels good. I love hearing about your trip to Kindle Mart and see the pictures of all the wonderful Christmas goodies! Thanks so much for sharing.

Nicole said...

I like the idea of lettin people chose from among several options... Neat plan!

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