Friday, November 09, 2012

Mexican Knitting

Zach's host mother in Mexico is a knitter!!

She was knitting this adorable sweater in pink for her granddaughter.  She's very good. 
She also showed me this knitting board. I don't get it.  Have you seen this before?  My limited Spanish vocabulary was lacking when she described this to me.   

So life is slowly getting back to normal:

Fireman shaved off his Mexican trip mustache.  It was a Movember thing but it drove him too crazy.  He's clean shaven again as of yesterday.  

I am working on the I-movie from the trip.  I've got all the photos edited.  Now I need the right music ......
I'm thinking HOME , by Phillip Phillips OR 
A song we sang in the back of the cab one night.  Alejandra loves to sing and wanted me to sing with an oldie on the radio  (I"D Love YOu TO WANT ME, By Lobos) 

The cats are Delighted that we are home.  Rozzy is not feeling great again....poor girl.  The radiators are warm, though, and she loves to sit on the kitchen one the most.  

tomorrow is the Workend.  It was wonderful to have some good time off after landing at home before working nights again.  Oh and speaking of babies...
Did  I tell you about babies in Mexico?  THey are all adorable...and 
the day it was like a monsoon at the zoo, do you know what families did to protect their infants?  
Well, they  wrapped them in plastic.....
I nearly died.  I had to just shut up  and pray those babies weren't rebreathing their co2 .  Oh and another thing....we'd see parents on motorcycles with helmets on.  THeir children were sitting between them on the seat completely unprotected.....
Fireman and I about died a hundred times when we kept seeing this.....

As my sweet mom always says: To each his own and 
It takes all kinds.....

(what's your vote for the Iphoto movie music theme?)


SissySees said...

I'm not familiar with the knitting board thing, but I'm sure one of your readers will be.

I'm not good at soundtracks either. I'm sure whatever you pick will be perfect though.

And I don't know what to say about the babies wrapped in plastic wrap. Or unrestrained, unprotected wee ones on motorcycles. I guess it's all in what's normal for your world?

Nancy said...

The knitting board looks similar to what is called a "loom" here, but I've only seen round ones.

Helmets should be required for everyone on a motorcycle.

KathyTNY said...

I have seen that loom (that shape too) in Joanne Fabrics. I have also seen the round ones - (the round ones are for making socks). Never had the desire to want to knit on a loom.

No clue what to tell you for background music!!!! Sorry!

Mereknits said...

Imagine Zach landing in a home where the Mom knits, I bet he feels very comfortable with her. You must have wanted to save every little one you saw on your trip, YIKES!

Katherine said...

Don't feel bad, I've had knitters explain how a knitting board works in plain English and I still didn't understand it!

I love the Lobos song but Home is my favorite, favorite!! AND I adore Phillip Phillips!

I love Mom Sayings. My Mom used to say "to each his own said the old woman as she kissed the cow."

sapphireblue said...

Yeah, that does look like a loom. That's how I'm assuming it's used.

Judy S. said...

It was fun getting caught up on your South of the Border adventure! I think you can buy those knitting board/looms at JoAnns. Did you ever do spool knitting? I think it works on the same principle, making a large tube. I've seen hats made with them, but I sure don't know how the decreases are done.

Jennifer said...

It's a knitting loom - they come in all shapes and sizes. check out Denise at Knitting Without Needles who publishes all sorts of loom patterns. The link is

Hope you had a great vacay.

Mujercita said...

That's a lap loom! I have one at my parent's house somewhere- I used to volunteer at a colonial house in Virginia Beach when I was a teenager, and I did demonstrations on how to use it. You basically wrap the yarn around the pegs. You wrap it in two layers the first time, then you use a hook to lift the bottom loop on each peg over the top loop. You then wrap it around the loops again, and lift the bottom loop over the top loop again. Repeat.

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