Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not Bad, Not Bad At All

 Well the cupcakes are not too bad for you because they are bite sized.  My friend received this wonderful gift of miniature cupcakes as a thank you.  They were chilled on arrival in a silver cooler envelope.  I promptly took one, as offered, and ate it in two bites.  I picked the red velvet in the top right hand corner.
The Mitered squares joins are not bad either.   The problem is not with the crocheted join; it is with the business of this yarn.  I will continue to knit the squares and give them to a busy busy baby as a blanket someday.   I will finish the blanket off with a lovely crocheted edge in a boring white.  Maybe I should call it a calming white...

As a wrap up for the week I have a few other things to tell you.

I Joined the site Fitocracy.  It helps me log each and every calorie burned....even if I only get a few tiny points a day.  It is fun.  Working out is not fun.

I have a least a hundred black cherry tomatoes on the vine in my garden.  They simply want to stay green.   I don't know why.

My foster kittens Puddy and Babka are still waiting at the shelter to be chosen for their forever homes..I so wish they would get adopted.  

I was flattered yesterday.  Our children's old principal from middle school asked me if I 'd be interested in the school nurse position.  I had to tell him I'd be the last nurse he'd want for that position.  I'd let everyone go home.  I was forever in the nurse's office in grammar school whining to go home.

Lastly, The Patterns for Take and Replace Swap were mailed to Kim on Thursday....let the games begin!


Nancy said...

Due to funding cuts, some school nurses in this area are covering two or more schools which is insane. School nurses are essential for more than the obvious reasons: they are the front line of assisting children with many other issues - food, clothing, counseling.

Your blocks are going to make a great blanket.

Katherine said...

*Mitered square join: not bad indeed!!
*Mini-cupcakes: will pass.
*Fitocracy: any tracking of exercise and intake is wonderful. Tracking alone is the reason I've lost 20 pounds!!
*Kitties: snuggle for me.
*School Nurse: you can do it but do you really want to??
*Swap: can't wait!!

Beverly said...

A good way to join without seaming is to pick up stitches on the previous square. If done this way the results are squares that are joined and less time knitting the next square.

You may know this already but I learned this from Vivian Hoxbro's Domino Knitting. It is a very good book for learning various techniques for mitered knitting.

Mereknits said...

I bet you would be a terrific school nurse because you are so caring. I remember my kids school nurse in elementary school, they were scared to death of her and would rather vomit all over themselves then go down to her. The cupcakes look very fancy, and the mitered square blanket doesn't look that busy from here.
Hugs to you dear friend,

SissySees said...

I knew my school nurse well in high school. She was a good woman who had a knack for knowing who was REALLY ill and who wasn't.

sapphireblue said...

Hooray on the swap.

Grace said...

Mmmm those cupcakes look delicious! Your squares are looking good! I would like to try making an blanket, but then I would have to commit to it... I hope your cats get adopted! We have the maximum number of rescue cats and we continue to find homes for other rescues!

Judy S. said...

Bet the kids would love you though! (And you'd get weekends and summers off....) Love your blanket-to-be!

Nancy Kay said...

The baby blanket is going to be very, very nice! I also like the picture of the blanket pattern you found on Ravelry: it's colorful, has interesting patterns in the knitting, and has that element of baby whimsy. Wonderful projects!

I hope your kitties get adopted too; it pulls at my heartstrings that they are waiting for a home!

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