Thursday, July 05, 2012

July 5th Staycation Continues....

There were many a fair lady in our parade crowd yesterday.   Despite the dangerous heat, our citizens turned out en masse to watch the town parade.   Fireman and I lasted 22 full minutes at the event before we ducked back into the air conditioning at home.   Today's forecast, like yours I'm sure, is for the heat to continue.   It is a great time to knit socks...... so light, so pretty, so portable.

I thought it was a great time to knit Evergreen's Storm Cloud Shawlette.  I even got through the first 23 rows, but decided it wasn't for me.    I have a few baby things to knit up.  I just may cast on a hat or two today.   Baby light, so pretty, so portable.

Ten things I loved about yesterday, the Fourth of July:

Pomegranate Daquiris

Charred hot dogs

Both my kids home

Fireman and I both off for the Holiday!

Fireworks and that incredible Full Moon at the same time

Great supportive comments on yesterday's serious post



Knitting with my neighbor before the fireworks display

No one got hurt when the bridge collapsed in town....

What did you love about Yesterday?


Dee said...

The thing I loved best about yesterday --- getting an EXTRA day off with DH.

I loved that our neighbors celebrated with their fireworks AND quit early (say around 10:30) so that those that had to work today could get some sleep.

SissySees said...

I loved getting in a good walk before it was beastly hot.

I loved finally finding the right water-toter for me and the fur-girls for those walks.

I loved Chinese with the Knight and his crew at the station before they headed out for fireworks stanbys and I headed home to soothe Gretchen Greer...

sapphireblue said...

I got Holiday pay and went to a bbq afterwards. Best of both worlds.

gMarie said...

nice post. good things about yesterday

::smoker::walking the dogs::iced latte::sunshine::good book::knitting::ice cream bars::


Katherine said...

Oh dear!! My recurring nightmare is of a bridge collapsing while I am on it!

My favorite thing from the 4th is that our little Fort Worth suburb set off the fireworks over the lake behind our house and they were superimposed over the full moon. It couldn't have been more perfect!!

Grace said...

my nap!

kathy b said...

apparently at least one man lost his life in the bridge collapse in our little town yesterday...
they found a car today. THere may be another under all the coal and train cars...:(

Lynneb said...

I loved being able to wake up in the morning and know that I have too many blessings to count.

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