Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 4 Staycation or should we say NIGHT 4?

 Rosalyn wanted some face time....She thinks she loves the chair Al cannot take with her to Virginia Beach.  However, it is MY chair now.  Nice try Rozzy, very nice try.  I hope she loves the cat that Al cannot take with her to Virgina Beach as much as she loves the chair.......more on Helo's arrival later.
So I should say NIGHT 4 of Staycation because it is really all about sleeping normally for 14 nights. Fourteen delicious nights of getting under my sheets when it is dark out.  Real dark delicious sleep.   Drool on the pillow kind of sleep.  Go to bed when you are tired, sleep.  Sleep is not underrated.  Sleep is awesome.  Sleep is mine for 10 more nights....

Staycation yesterday involved more ONE ROW lace knitting.  This is the spongey softest yarn I have ever worked with.  It is a sock yarn and I lost the label. ( Happy toes?  Happy Feet?  Big Foot? Hodag.... I can't think of it right now) I made a mistake a few rows back, but I think I'm leaving it. Can't decide....might start over....what do you think?

Staycation also involved hair do highlights at the Beauty Shop.  I go to a Beauty shop not a SALON.  Old ladies go there who really care about their hair doo's.  They just do hair.  I didn't want to sit still long enough to have my hair dried and styled.  I left with wet locks, but they are blonde now...and it cut the price of the visit in half.

Staycation meant going to my neighbor's garden as they are on VACATION , and watering.   The bonus here is I get good ideas for my garden, AND all the ripe raspberries I can find and pick.  I watered and watered because we are so very dry here in Chicago land this summer.

Staycation meant finding another neighbor's keys when they locked themselves out last night.  Felt like a hero for practically nothing yesterday!

Staycation meant watering my own garden and finding a big surprise.  We have an unplanted tomato plant growing by the shed.  Yippee . It has blossoms on it already. I LOVE stragglers who reseed themselves.  We also have a begonia that came back from last years annuals....Kind of odd.   Yet, it is there.

Staycation meant using Peadpod yesterday.  I just couldn't stand the grocery store.  Sometimes PeaPod is a necessity, sometimes an indulgence. It was definitely the latter yesterday. I'm waiting for the driver now to deliver my groceries.

On a side note, both adult kids are moving in for a very short time this month.  I sent them a flyer titled: CAMP HOMEIFYOUCANSTANDIT.   It was a joke.  I listed the QUIET HOURS at camp.  1-3 of course, my nap times.  I asked they give me arrival and departure dates.  I said we'd ring the dinner bell nightly.  I said I'd honor special dietary requests.  I feel like Kate from the Shady Rest of Petticoat Junction.   I would have left a mint on Al's pillow last night, but Helo would have eaten it...


SissySees said...

LOVE the chair... tell me about the buttons please?

Love the camp letter too. Good fences make good neighbors, so to speak? ;)

Mereknits said...

The chair is great, love the buttons on it. Hope your baby is able to adjust to her new roommate, I think the camp rules sound perfect. Can I come? How you holding up with all the moving going on? Knitting is the finest form of therapy if you ask me.
hugs to you sweet friend,

sapphireblue said...

I love the chair.

Kathy said...

I like the chair but I LOVE the cat! lol!

Let me say this about your tiny mistake. If they are anything like my tiny mistakes - in my imaginary mind as I keep knitting and ignoring them - THEY GET BIGGER AND UGLIER!!!! I usually frog and make it right. I keep telling myself that learning to frog is good practice just like learning to knit it right the first time! Honestly tho, I can't see your mistake..... but I bet YOU can!

I will be praying for you having your adult children under the same roof with you. My one "bird" flew a couple years ago but comes back in the day time hours to raid my frig and do handwash laundry...... my other adult bird (24) is still living at home. Sometimes I wish she could get her own place and spread her wings..... you can't do that when you only get 14-18 hours a week at PetSmart! (and you have a four year degree!)

Dry here in Central NY.

KSD said...

Everything sounds so lovely and unhurried. Hooray for you!

Katherine said...

Great ideas for kids returning home for a while. Mine are grandkids who want some summer fun in the Texas water parks so they crash at Grandma's for the summer. I don't have rules posted but I do put up a "Kitchen Closed" sign every night after dinner, right after I pop a BIG bowl of popcorn.

I love that chair. I think I would find a way to take it with me!

Beverly said...

You seem to be having a great staycation!

It's hot everywhere. Today our temp was 100. The bad thing is that you can't keep up with watering when it gets that hot because it doesn't cool off enough at night.

Nancy said...

I noticed the buttons on the chair, too; of course, I'm crazy for buttons and have jars of them all over my house. What's the story on your "new" chair's buttons?

Camp sounds like fun: do the camper's have assigned chores or have to prepare skits?

kathy b said...

No story on the new chair buttons...just cute. From WOrld Market al says.

campers only have to keep their stuff in their own rooms not all over the place. We may have to come up with chore lists for fun though.....

gMarie said...

Oh I know how happy you are to be running CAMP HOMEIFYOUCANSTAND IT! What a fun flyer you sent out.

Pretty kitty and a beautiful chair. g

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