Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Sleeve If You Please....

I give you: AL's Emma Shrug lace sleeve number one in Quince and Company.
And for all of those in love, especially Grace's daughter who will be wed in 3 days:
The Longly-Weds Know by Leah Furnas

That it isn't about the Golden Anniversary at all,
But about all the unremarkable years
that Hallmark doesn't even make a card for
IT's about the 2nd anniversary when they were surprised
to find they cared for each other more than the last year
And the 4th when both kids had the chickenpox
and she threw her shoe at him for no real reason
And the 6th when he accidentally got drunk on the way
home from work because being a husband and a father
was so damn hard
Its about the 11th and 12th and 13th years when
they discovered they could survive a crises
And the 22nd anniversary when they looked
at each other across the empty nest, and found it good.
Its about the 37th years when she finally
decided she could never change him
And the 38th when he decided a little change wasn't that bad,
Its about the 46th Anniversary when they both bought cards and forgot to give them to each other
BUt most of alln its about the end of the 49th year when they discovered you don't' have to be old to have your 50th Anniversary!


sapphireblue said...

That's a very nice sleeve.

Merry Karma said...

I like the sleeve and the poem.

gMarie said...

so very true. Thank you for sharing that.

The sleeve is lovely. g

Grace said...

love the sleeve and the poem, will print it out for the newly weds!!!

Cranberry Morning said...

That is a gorgeous sleeve - and such a sweet little essay. :-)

Dee said...

That yarn is lucious!

SissySees said...

Love the sleeve - the yarn, what yarn IS that?! - but the poem is beautiful. Life is like that, and love is a choice. Some mornings you have to choose it through clinched teeth, while glaring at your beloved... and no, that wasn't how it was this morning at our house.

Katherine said...

Al's knitting is so beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product!

The poem is about my life, only it was the 51st year when I decided he would never change and just this year, the 52nd, that we looked at each other and decided that being together is more important than business or politics or anything else in the world. Lovely!! Thanks Kathy.

hedgehogknitter said...

Beautiful sleeve! I love the color!

And the poem - so cute. My hubby and I will be celebrating 25 years in July and my parents will be celebrating ....ready? 66 years in August! It can still happen! Love can outlast it all!

Patty said...

I'm approaching 25 in June myself and I love that poem. Is about the everyday isn't it?

Robin said...

That's one good looking sleeve! Can't wait to see the rest of the sweater. LOVE the poem. So true!

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