Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Noro Cowl and Sweet Sixteen hundreth

When I was knitting up this Noro cowl last night my eyes were very irritated. I think all the little fibers that make this yarn so soft looking and magical, snuck up my nose and into my eyes. Fireman laughed and said, "Why did someone so allergic to wool take up knitting?" You should have seen my eyeballs when I cast off. Suffice to say there will not be any more of this Noro knitting around my house.

I only had the one skien of it, so a quick cowl was the only answer for me. Although from the looks of the tears last night, you'd think I would have just given the stuff away. When we cried growing up, my father would always say, "I'll give you something to cry about!" Did you parents say that?

I am still working on my leftover sock yarn cowl/scarf. I realized knitting this leftover project up, that a little ball of leftovers goes a really long way when you want to use it up. The same amount of yarn would make you just short of something else.. you know? Yarn is funny that way; we all know yarn has a mind of its own.

Next up: Simply Ginny Sock knitting while Chicken Pot Pie cooks up in the crock pot.....oh and this is my 1600th post since my blog began. Happy Sweet sixteen! Thanks for making this so much fun
What's up with you??


sapphireblue said...

It turned out very pretty. Kudos to you for being able to finish while itchy.

fancystitching said...

Congrats on the "Sweet Sixteen". WOW! Since I have become such a posting slacker it would take me many more years to get there!

Love the looks of the cowl. And you are right... yarn DOES have a mind of its own, and it many times does NOT coincide with my intentions for it.

Anonymous said...

Your cowl is very pretty. Sorry it gave you so many itchies. :-(

I have a friend that has the same problem when she used mohair or alpaca.

Dorothy said...

Happy 16th! The cowl is really pretty!

Nancy said...

Love the cowl, but feel for you about the allergy. This winter I had a terrible time with allergies. I haven't a clue of the cause, but I am thankful for Singular! Nothing else gives me relief.

Grace said...

1600---congratulations of course no picture of the cowl for me, the gnome laying facedown I get, the knitting not so much!!!

I have learned I am allergic to Mohair---angora, cashmere, llama, alpaca all fine, Mohair kills me!!!

Lynneb said...

I have read every 1 of your 1600 posts !
congratulations, my friend.. that is an exciting accomplishment.
and a very pretty cowl, too

Beverly said...

I love Noro. I'm so glad that I don't have any problems with it. Must have been the mohair that got to you.

SissySees said...

Happy sweet 16! Tell me more about crockpot chicken pot pie, please?

Katherine said...

Wow!! Congratulations and thanks for hanging with us!

I gave up on Noro a while back when I knit the famous Noro scarf for a Christmas gift. My hands took a beating and I promised myself never again.

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