Monday, January 30, 2012

Swap Goodness

Channon was my swap partner again! We've been paired before and it was a delight again this time. She sent me this Tree Hut Sugar Scrub....what can I say? I almost want to eat it, I swear, whenever I smell it. My winter skin loves the scrub. Have you used a sugar scrub? They are such an indulgence!!!

The yarn she swapped me is this bright raspberry Trekking sock yarn. I've already cast on for a new pair of socks. I'm going to conquer the Montana Woolies pattern that has beaten me before.
This pair of socks is going to be a slow go.

I cast on for a fast pair of socks last week while I waited for my swap package.
I'm almost finished with the first sock in heavy wool weight. It is a little like cheating for my goal for the 2012 year. The bigger gauge socks go so fast. I figure I'll switch between the little stitches in Trekking and the big stitches for the other pair.

Variety. The spice of life.

Channon sent me a great DRAGON pattern and the cutest kitty pin too. Thanks Channon. I love a quick and fun yarn swap. THanks to all who played along. I think Im just waiting for Helen and Jennifer's packages to get to one another. THey are playing overseas swap, so the wait is understandable.

On the kitty front here, Al told me she had dream and Fiona, (gone a year now) came to her. She got to pet her old friend and look into her green eyes. THen, she said, Fiona took our Rosalyn in her teeth and brought her up to heaven. Like a momma cat would carry her kitten.....
(that is the sweetest thought. Our Rosalyn is really starting to wither.....Grizabella the glamour cat, I call her. The thought of Fiona coming to get her is strangely wonderful and comforting)



Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooo...looks like yummy raspberry yarn. Can't wait to see the pattern worked up in it.

lindsi said...

i love the yarn! all of your knitting work is so pretty! i'd love to be able to knit socks:)

SissySees said...

I love a sugar scrub, so I'm delighted that you are so taken with yours!!

What a comforting dream. My grandmother dreamed of her mother meeting her at the pearly gates for several months before she died. I know it was something she was looking forward to, as both of her parents died when she was very young.

Judy S. said...

Love that color! Hope the socks go well. Thanks again for hosting this fun swap.

Katherine said...

Wow! I love that color! Can't wait to see the socks. I will have to try the sugar scrub. I have so much trouble with dry skin. Maybe the Brazilian nut oil would help.

Lovely dream Al had about Roselyn. I am a firm believer that there are dogs and cats (and other animals) in heaven because I know God wants us to be happy!

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