Saturday, December 03, 2011

More Holiday Knits and Kits

Radar wanted in on the Santa Hat action....can't you tell??? That's the kit part of this rare weeekend post.

Tomorrow is baking day. Thanks for all your ideas. Let's hope the elf helps me out and my cookies finally come out good.

This is the Knit Part of the post:

As for knitting, Al is using Kathmandu Queensland and I am helping her with a gift knit. She is knitting a scarf and hat for a friend who is a boy. This yarn was originally going to be knitted into a man's sweater, but over the years it morphed. When she stops by to do laundry or the like, I knit the scarf for her because it bores her to tears. I love boring knits. It is a purl One knit two on the front, and purl the back, kind of scarf. Easy pattern .

She made up a hat pattern with the brim being the same as the scarf pattern and the cap a bit different. It is based off the Ann Norling catch all hat patterns.

So the other night at work, Tamara the unit aide,came to ask me what I was knitting. She's so funny. She is an excellent natural knitter. She creates patterns with cables etc as she knits. She likes the yarns I use and she asks me to buy her yarns because there aren't any good shops in her neighborhood.

I bought some DOVE yarn for her to make a cowl for her daughter. She wanted more and gave me forty dollars to buy some yarns for her. We have a bit of a language barrier but we get our knit points across eventually.

I put the two twenties in my scrub pocket as I was busy, and sure enough forgot it. I was driving home at midnight, amid lots of lovely Christmas lights I must say, when I remembered the money.

I called the charge nurse as soon as I Got home and she did the scrub search in the locker room and found the cash. Phew.....I would have about cried over lost knit money!!!

I told Tamara I was knitting socks right now. She got all excited and said, "When holidays over you teach me to knit sex." I laughed and laughed and said in my strongest Chicago accent, "I' wont teach you to knit sex, Tamara, I'll teach you to knit SOCKS!"


Nancy said...

Hmmm, does your supervisor know you are "knitting sex" during breaks? ;oD

Thanks for making me giggle.

Katherine said...

If I can knit sex it might get my knitting mojo going again! Glad you got the yarn cash back. I might not cry over spilled milk but I would surely cry over lost yarn cash!!

Radar is a cutie in the Santa hat.

Anonymous said...

I bet more guys would knit if they knew you could knit sex! LOL

SissySees said...

I love it!! I'm so glad you found the $20s, that Radar humored us in his hat, and I do think the Knight would be even more supportive of my knitting habit if indeed we could knit sex! ;)

Beverly said...

Maybe I need knit sex to bring my Christmas knitting mojo back!

Mereknits said...

This made me laugh, thanks for sharing this story. Isn't it more fun to work with people who knit/ Happy Sunday, Meredith

sapphireblue said...

I'm glad you were able to recover that money. Phew!!

fancystitching said...

HAHA! I bet my hubby would start encouraging me to yarn shop.

So how WERE the cookies? I have not done any Christmas baking yet, but tomorrow I will begin because the Quilt Guild party is tomorrow night.

Thanks for posting the funny story!!

Lynneb said...

I would be interested to know how that happens... getting back. I'm having a hard time visualizing it!

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