Friday, December 16, 2011

Act of Kindness like no other

This is a wonderful story...not a sad one. A cat who looked amazingly like this one, (this is someone on google's image of a cat) came to the end of one of it's nine lives yesterday. Not mine, don't worry. This is a wonderful story remember?

I showed up for working at the Spay Neuter clinic when it was still dark yesterday morning. I had coffee for myself and coffee for our dear vet/friend Kristine. This is my usual routine on Thursday mornings. I also had dunkin munchkins of the chocolate variety and sprinkle variety.....I ate several while waiting for Kristine. But I digress....

When Kristine pulled in, the sun had come up. The first thing she said to me, was, : "Do you think we should go get that cat out of the street?" What Cat? I didnt see any cat...and then I looked and someone had hit this gorgeous cat and it was lying in 4 lanes of busy crazy morning traffic.

We grabbed a big bag and Kristine, in her scrubs, and I dared the traffic. She ran into the street while I played traffic cop, and she scooped his still warm little body up. He was gone.

Kristine could not bear the thought of him getting hit over and over again on that road.
We checked him for a microchip so she could call his owners. No chip. When the regular staff arrived, they agreed he was the big beauty of a cat that had hung around the shelter, but was too skittish to catch.

Kristine amazes me. She works tirelessly in her own practice and at the shelter. She values each and every little animal that comes through as if her own.

It is a gift to start your day with someone who's animal love is so so big. Then we moved on, there were dogs to neuter so they could get on to their forever homes this week before Christmas.

God Bless you big beauty of a kitty. Kristine you amaze me. Im lucky to know you!



Nancy said...

Compassion for animals is a wonderful virtue. God Bless your friend Kristine.

SissySees said...

Wahhhhh... I'm all choked up, and it's not the glass cleaner MJ is spraying madly around the place.

Thank God for people like you and Kristine. (And for our own incredibly awesome vets and techs and staff...)

Kim said...

I trusted you, but still read the post quickly --- like tearing off a Band-Aid.

Katherine said...

What a beautiful story! My heart breaks over the loss of even one of our fur friends. Thanks to all of you who work tirelessly to protect and care for each sweet kitty and doggie! That means you too Kathyb!!

Swanski said...

I do hope the cat is okay! I am sure you and your friend will have many blessings in your futures.

Maureen said...

Huh? It sounds like from what you said the cat died - how is that a wonderful story? Either way I am glad you rescued the kitty from the traffic but if the cat didn't make it this is a not a wonderful story.

Yarn Miracle said...

I get it. I've done the same thing.

Hugs to the both of you.

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