Friday, October 28, 2011

A Trick and Some Treats

The Trick is that the dessert pictured is not a baked potato, It is all ice cream.....
pretty cute I think. It tasted wonderful when I shared a bite with the birthday girlfriend on Tuesday night.

Here are some treats I'd recommend just because I want to say I really appreciate those of you who read this little blog. ( Following Donna B's lead at Quiet LIFE)

*Johnson's baby cream oil. (cocoa and shea butter but not smelly)
Dear nurse/friend/knitter Diane gave me a tube of this amazing wonderful stuff for my hands.
It says non-greasy rich, creamy texture and it lives up to in every way. It is my new go to for the poor hand season that is beginning.....

*Trader Joe's FROZEN steel cut oatmeal. Yup. They've found a way to eliminate the long cooking process that steel cut oats requires. Thanks Al for this healthy yummy tip. I usually refuse to make oatmeal because of the I can enjoy it with some brown sugar and butter on these chilly mornings.

*Thunder Dog, the book. I finished a book! This is a great account of a 9/11 survivor team of guide dog and person trapped in the World Trade Center Tower.

*My Walgreens is now a full service Post office stop. Is yours? How wonderful is this? I love to shop at Walgreens for some strange reason. Now I can mail yarn from Walgreens too!

*Bamboo plants for the house because you don't need soil. I was gifted my first bamboo plant by a patient's family this summer. It is so lovely and it only needs live. I understand now there is all this bamboo etiquette to be followed . Do you DO bamboo?

*Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Taffy Apple or something like that donut. Wonderful fake flavor....seriously try one

Any treats you want to share???



Nancy said...

I love to shop at Walgreens, too. The store has a wide variety of products, is neat and clean, offers great deals, and check-out is fairly quick.

No post office in the Walgreens here. :o(

Katherine said...

Yes, I agree with Nancy that Walgreens is the place to shop. It's a mini Walmart. I buy all of our dog toys there because of the great prices and unique items.

Special treat--Godiva chocolate!!

Alyssa said...

My treat - pretzel M&Ms. I love them! But, I also really liked the crispy M&Ms... so I might be biased.

SissySees said...

I'm not sure about that potato-looking-ice cream.

That hand cream is a must-find. Gretchen will lick it though, won't she?

Treat. Pumpkin whoopies, homemade by Best Thing. Love that girl. So glad the Knight's assistant married her and "we" get to keep her.

Lynneb said...

Coach's Oats. Steel cut but shorter cooking time because they are toasted. Available online or at Costco.
Houseplant? Mother-in-Law's Tongue...hardly ever needs water.
"Wanderlust" a memoir about a womans travels around the world.
Panera cinnamon crunch bagel....of course.

Heather Woollove said...

That hand cream looks awesome! I love the orange/ginger scented creams, sprays, lotions and soaps that Bath and Body Works carries. If you hit their twice yearly sale days, you can get them for a reasonable price, too!

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