Saturday, October 01, 2011

Best Knitted Shawls

Who would have thought the best knitted shawls I saw today at 3 Bag FUll were not lace based.
The Stephen West shawl is lots of "wraps and turns" I was told. I can wrap and turn.

The Peddler's Shawl is just so simple it is amazing. I love the brown border on beige. Who would have thought I'd love brown on BEIGE?

Then again, who would have thought

*I'd still be walking as my workout 20 years after I got on my first treadmill?
I prefer to walk outside when the Chicago weather allows. This means I walk April to November outside.....

*I'd prefer cats to dogs at this time in my life. I adore dogs, do not gasp. It is just that I find cats/kittens so much easier to live with right now. I get a lot back from the pride in this house. They have personalities plus. This is another post entirely though....

*I'd be overjoyed with how beautifully the white marigolds I planted as an afterthought, would thrive. They will be a definite on my flowerbed list next year.

*I'd come to a point in my diet where I prefer low fat chicken/turkey sausage to the REAL pork thing. Prefer, is the operative word here, I now prefer them.

*well, you would have thought, but I woudln't have thought that the i pod Santa brought me would bring me so much joy. I love walking and working out to the music I choose.

*finally, who really would have thought that Fireman would INVITE Beatles to sleep with us? Fireman who guards his sleep like no one I know..... yup who would have thought?

(Have you surprised yourself lately?)


Ria said...

While I really really love dogs - if i could have pets I'd get two kitties. They need less attention than dogs do - and despite thinking I would have more time when the Angie went to college I don't?

kathy b said...

Two kitties are all laughs an no work. Someday I'll have two kittens. I am nearing gathiering all your goodies for the swap Ria. You'll have your package before the 15th for sure!

Nancy said...

I'm not a fan of beige, but I do like the shawl in those colors.

Kittens are darling, but I don't have any pets, as I can barely take care of myself at times.

I, too, love to walk: I just don't do it enough.

sapphireblue said...

The first one looks like a pharaoh. Very pretty!

kathy b said...

Oh it does look very Egyptian!

Judy S. said...

White marigolds? Where'd you find them? They sound interesting although the local slugs just love marigolds... That Peddler Shawl looks rather like the Eyre shawl. Did you see the movie? Soundls like Beatles has stolen everyone's heart. BTW, what's the dynamic view thing?

kathy b said...


THe dynamic view thing....???? is this an option you can choose on the new blogger format i've chosen?

Judy S. said...

Hi Kathy,

Now when I go to read your blog, I get a question about reading it in the non-dynamic version since our browser is old. And when I opened the dashboard today to do something on my blog today it asked if I wanted to try using the dynamnic version....weird, huh? I tried to email you but couldn't find your addie.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I could get through exercising if I didn't have my MP3 player. It's the thing that KEEPS me going when I really want to quit.

Katherine said...

I am soooo in love with Stephen West shawl designs and I really like the beige/brown shawl!

I am constantly surprised that Fireman Son's cat meets me at the door meowing loudly, then jumps in my lap and licks me. I call him dog-cat.

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