Thursday, July 14, 2011

Better sleep

Radar is a master of sleep. Perhaps because he is deaf, he is a sound and sincere sleeper. I often have to blow on him with my coffee breath, to awaken him gently. When we first got him from the shelter he would spook something fierce when startled awake. Now, even when I try to wake him with my coffee breath, he is so trusting and at ease, he barely opens his eyes... unless he's hungry and I've been out of the house for a bit.

The Hufffington Post recently ran an article about a sleep study. Seems men who were rocked while they slept in a hammock, slept more soundly and had more effecient sleep than those unrocked. I have spent a career rocking babies. If you are struggling with sleep here are some things I do to sleep better......

*keep the room cool to cold
*dont' watch the news right before bed
*wear great pajamas
*make a list of what is on your mind before you dress for bed
(Try It. Just writing it down, lets your mind forget it a bit)
*Rock a bit before you go to sleep
*relish your sleep, look forward to it, consider it good for you, because it is

I think about knitting before I sleep. I love to list the yarns in my stash in my mind and consider my next knit project. I don't count sheep, but I do count blessings and yarns are among them.


Anonymous said...

I used to have a hammock out on the porch and I can attest to the rocking bring on a good sleep.

I could sleep through the commercial mowers mowing right next door, if I was rocking gently in my hammock.

Nancy said...

It is extremely important to have good sleep habits.

I like a cool, dark room to get a good night's sleep, and my CPAP. I can't sleep without that important machine. ;oD

Grace said...

we do run a fan in the winter the AC in the summer to drown out apartment living noises. We always keep it very cool in the bedroom and believe it or not a freshly made (and I am guilty of not making it everyday) helps sleep too!

SissySees said...

Ceiling fan 365 nights a year. I do think I'll splurge on some new sleepwear though. Hmmm...

Katherine said...

No pajamas! The pants legs get pulled and wrapped around my legs. Instead, a silky sleep shirt. Grace is right, a bed that has been made on getting up is so nice to "unwrap" and get into at night. Also, we have slept like Radar since we got the Sleep Number bed!

Laura said...

I am in my LYS so often that I am very familiar with most of the yarns in the shop. Before I go to sleep, I take a tour of the store in my mind and think about what I would knit with each yarn. And I go to sleep with a smile on my face!

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