Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Natives are Restless

Meet my new sheep. A cellphone charm. Makes me feel young......

Power out for 20 hours now. No biggie. No one in our house is on a ventilator thank God. I am at my local library writing this post. The storms brought cool breezes that refreshed the whole house.
The library patrons are a bit testy. The man next to me is asking the folks at the end of the line of tables to start playing different music on their computer. He asked me if I had any requests, I ignored him. My answer would have been the song, "See you at your heartattack" which doesn't exist. People are so easily disturbed. Geez. I love to say "see you at your heartattack" when someone cuts me off in the car etc.
The lack of power has allowed me lots of lace knitting on WISP. The wonderful thing about the pattern is that every 10th row you do 6 rows of garter. A built in safety! If, I mean , When I make a mistake, I rip back a few rows to the garter and breathe deeply again!
I had an epiphany today around 11 a.m. I realized I could do two instructions at once. (as in,
at the same time, every fifth row work an eyelet on the garter ridge." My epiphany: I can use 2
row counters at once and keep track of my knitting.

Why havent' I thought of this before? This opens up endless possiblities for me. Ahhhh haaaaa
moment in knitting! Have you had one lately???


Nancy said...

Yikes, no wonder everyone is so testy. Keep those knitting needles clicking and WISP will be finished in no time.

Beverly said...

The storms rolled through here last night and lasted for hours. Our power flickered which woke me up, but since thye put us on the correct grid we don't have problems with it going out all the time like we used to.

It's the 100's here and more storms in store for today.

Rogue Butterfly said...

I had the same sort of epiphany when I worked on Wisp too! I ended up wasting several hours when I couldn't find a second row counter right away, but in the end it worked!

sapphireblue said...

I had an ap on my old Palm Pilot that had multiple counters on it. Then the screen went out on the palm will have to try using two stitch counters.

Anonymous said...

Two row counters?! How does that work?


KSD said...

An epiphany? Yeah. Several, in fact. One included you:

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