Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Homework......go ahead grade me

I got up off my arse last night and took this image. Because Franklin Habit says you must practice practice practice and pixels are free. The light seemed right.

Getting up off my arse after working two overnight shifts and then only sleeping 4 hours requires supreme effort. I debated the actual motion invovled for a full five minutes.. ....and then, because I have always been a good student, I moved. Glad I did.

This is my bunny splurge from last week's Folk and Fiber Fair. I frogged it this morning. Guess what? If you have to frog, frog with angora. You get to feel the yarny goodness again through your fingers as you rip. In fact, because it cost so dang much, I suggest you frog something first and then enjoy the sensory goodness all over again.

Today is going to be an amazing day.....I can't wait to tell you about it...tomorrow!


Franklin said...

Very happy to see you paid attention and are playing with light - it's going to pay big dividends. Keep up the good work!

sapphireblue said...

Sorry that you had to frog it. That light is very beautiful. I must practice my photography more as well.

SissySees said...

Very nice!! I like the wad of yellow in the background... it helps!!

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