Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some like it Easy, Some not

Fuster is watching over my very simple shawlette in pink. I am up to 125 stitches since the original 7 cast on. I am enjoying the lazy easy pattern. So far the little cotton yarn is light enough not to cause me any wrist issues. Hooray.

Allison is knitting an Oat Couture Heirloom baby Blanket for her friend's baby. Some like it complicated....that's my girl! She puts my knitting to shame.

I know my little kerchief bandanna scarf will be great for spring. I know my way around E A S Y that is for sure. It is who I am and how I knit. As for Al, more power to her. The only thing that matters is that we are both knitting, and loving it. This much I know!



Channon said...

Love 'em both. I used to be like Al and need a challenge or the knitting bored me to tears. Now, if it's too complex, I can't do it. Right now I can't knit much at all...

Jennifer said...

Great knitting. I love seeing Fuster in action. ; )

Beverly said...

Sometimes easy is just what you need. I'm currently knitting a sweater with endless rows of stockinette stitch and I love it.

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