Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On my mind, on my needles

Gift knitting is on my mind today. My friend Abby knit this hat. It is from the Itty Bitty baby hat book which I gave her for a milestone birthday! I love the sock yarn colors she used. She said she used size 6 or so needles to get her gauge and cast on 80 stitches. Adorable Abby.

Momma Cat went back to the shelter today. She's done. She was a marvelous momma cat. SO attentive. She grew her babies very well. She tolerated endless pestering the last week, for sure. Julianne, here's to your forever home. I sent her with her knitted blanket, from Grace. I wanted her to have familiar smells the next few days. She'll be spayed by weeks end and available for some lucky family to adopt. I am officially not a foster failure.....(which means I kept the foster. ) However, the two adorable kittens are here for a while yet. Not big enough to go through spay/neueter yet. We, this household and my neighbors' households, are enjoying the heck out of their cuteness and antics. Julianne, momma cat, you are on my mind!

Also On my mind: I missed Suicide prevention and Depression awareness day on monday. You were to draw a heart on your wrists for support. So I drew them on today. Depression is curable! hooray.

I am knitting more toast fingerless. This time with big sock yarn in a self patterning stockinette. Easy peasy.

I am planning the garden(s) for this year! I want to attract butterflies galore. I have Joe Pye Weed but I have never ever seen a butterfly go to them. What is your best plant for getting butterflies to visit your yard?



Nancy said...

On my needles: socks out of a truly, ugly yarn and a shawl out of novelty yarn.

On my mind: sometimes it pays to be a squeaky wheel even if the process is not pleasant.

Anonymous said...

On my needles: Monkey socks

On my mind: Trying to get back to feeling healthy by EATING healthy.

Rogue Butterfly said...

You should see if Buddleia aka Butterfly Bush will grow in your area, it will attract both butterflies and hummingbirds!

Judy S. said...

I was going to suggest butterfly bush, but someone already has. Hope it grows in your area! That hat book is a great one. Have you seen the one with the little roses on top? Very fun and so cute on a little one.

Katherine said...

I would never be a good foster pet parent because I can't give them up. I would have a house full of dogs and become known as the "dog lady."

I don't know about plants but the butterflies l-o-o-v-e our hummingbird feeder. I must make that go-juice just right!

sapphireblue said...

Awww! Cute kitties! Hope Mama can find a home soon.

Channon said...

Paws crossed for dear forever home for Mama Kitty, and the babes, when their time comes. Yay you for not being a foster failure! I think that's HUGE and impressive.

On my mind... Sissy NEEDS a walk. Rain, rain (storms, STORMS!) go away!

Lynneb said...

I LOVE that marley hat! I've made it so many times. In fact, I love the whole Itty Bitty Hats book.

on my needles...a white cotton cardi vest from the latest issue of Vogue

on my mind: ice cream

Grace said...

when we had a yard we grew butterfly bushes and had lots of butterflys, they also liked the Dill and Fennel plants we put in

I need to knit some Toast but there are always so many other things to knit On my needles 3 different shawls and a monster

Still no book here from the contest, oh well at least you got yours and for that I am very happy

On My Mind---why extended family feels so entitled to so much

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