Monday, February 07, 2011

Snow ladies

My neighbors made me a snow lady! Isn't she cute? The blizzard was not really made of snowman snow. Very few snowmen if any are gracing the area. The only reason my snowlady came to be, was during a bit of a warmer spell Saturday when the snow had a bit of melt to it.

Here is my other snow lady. Al in her FARGO hat. Aint she cute too?

Al is going to knit me some tiger's eye socks. Yippee. I love that pattern and there is no
way I can knit them. I asked her nicely if she would, even if it took her to Christmas. She said, "Sure, I can knit those." Gosh I wish I had her knit confidence! She is going to use a navy sock yarn with little to no shading so the pattern will really pop.

Happy Monday to all SNOW ladies out there!



Ling said...

How are you in all that snow? Hope you're keeping warm. Al's got the great idea of having a very warm furry hat to keep warm.

Dorothy said...

That's a really pretty sock pattern!

Anonymous said...

BOTH your snow ladies look pretty great!

Beth said...

I think that's sweet of your neighbors to make you a snow lady.

Grace said...

i noticed my comments ae very down, I am getting boring in my dotage I guess, Al is a doll, and can't wait to see your new socks even if its till Christmas, the other snow lady is a cutie too!!

Channon said...

Cute! Both snow ladies are adorable.

For the record, my comments wane more than they wax these days too, but my "read" stats are up. Go figure.

sapphireblue said...

We are still getting snow right now. My commute was not fun.

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