Friday, February 04, 2011

Announcing a wonderful prize for those charity knitters out there

ANIMAL PEOPLE ARE SO GREAT. Betty from Moosemanor Handpaints on etsy says:

I would love to donate a gift certificate for either a skein of my Superwash Sock yarn or Woodlands Worsted (200+ yards, not superwash but great for a one skein project). The winner can pick the color from among my colorways and I’ll custom dye it for them. Is that OK with you?

IS that okay Betty? Is that OKAY? YOU ARE The BEST BETTY!

So it is official. Yarn from Moosemanor handpaints CUSTOM dyed no less, is up for raffle prize to all of you who send me a kitty acrylic knit blanket by 2/28!

and p.s.
The red team and the green team are tied right now .......Sara from the Red team has sent the box to you next Emily.......

won't you leave a comment please?


Z of ZKNITZ said...

Very cute cats, by the way.

You remind me of my Aunt. She's got cats galore at her house, and even though one of them pees everywhere, she just can't bear to give any away.

Hope things go well with the giveaway!

kathy b said...

let me be very clear.

all of my cats use their little boxes religiously. they are scooped twice daily. Cats dont want dirty boxes. Just sayin......those poor cats at your aunts house. There is a limit to the number of cats one can keep. 3 is our limit for sure.

Channon said...

I'll do my best... very generous of Betty!!

Acornbud said...

What a cute bunch of kitties. Do they all get along?

Alyssa said...

I'm so excited!! I'm going to have to stop knitting baby hats and start knitting cat blankies!!

Oh, and you said they should be 11 by 12, right?

Katherine said...

Gaggle of geese, pride of lions, flight of angels.... Is that a bunch of cats? I still say they are the cutest kitties around!

kathy b said...


anything around that size is just fine. THanks


an ARMLOAD of cats that is....ha ha ha

Alyssa said...

Okay, cool! I'm going to start today :)

Yarn Miracle said...

Awesome! I gotta go get yarn!

Z of ZKNITZ said...

- Kathy B -

I guess I should explain about the cats.

My aunt has 3 as well. But the one who pees everywhere was adopted, I guess you could say. She was a baby when my uncle, my aunts' brother found it. It was living with lots of other cats in this abandoned house. I think it has some issues to be honest. She'll eat anything, even a peice of lint. Anything she sees on the floor, she will eat. I guess survival instincts from memories as a kitten. My aunt keeps saying she's going to give it away, but she never does.

She's too much of a cat lover.

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