Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve 2010!

We are having a little NY eve party tonight with our dear neighbors. I put in the email : Knitting is not mandatory, but strongly suggested. (No real need for that message, Abby and I love to knit together and yak)

Speaking of Yak, here are some resolutions I am just considering:

*Knit with Yak (not likely)

*Knit with reverse shaping ( I know this has been my resolution for years.... but Grace is onboard as is Karen as my enablers......maybe this year!!!)

*Entertain more. (likely before new kitchen phase ends)

*Take much better blog pictures. (I long to wow you ........)

*Foster pregnant cats (depends on how Fiona is doing this year)

*Try to like the city (I get so nervous just being there and both my kids live there and love it)

*Get on a plane like last year! (perhaps my pilot from last year will sit with me again?????)

*Meet Katherine or Grace or any of you dear pretend friends.

*Keep pretty soaps in the bathroom all year

*Keep the house a little cleaner (ahem...this one is very unlikely! unless I do entertain more)

*Start swimming again

hmmmmmm will I do any or all?????

I talk more in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year --- visiting with friends and knitting sounds like a perfect evening!

They say what you are doing at midnight, you will do all year! I'll be knitting!

Ling said...

Kathy - Happy New Year! Hope you have a lovely evening.

I certainly hope to meet you, my pretend friend!

Katherine said...

I'm all for the "meet Katherine and Grace" resolution! We will be in the Chicago area again this June for another grand child's wedding and would love to meet up with you Kathy, and any of our blog buddies.

If you get any better at the picture taking you will blow us all away! Your pictures are some of the best I see on blogs!!

Karezybear said...

Hi Kathy, if you do the swim thing let me know, it would be good exercise for me too! I know you will conquer reverse shaping this year! Karen

Kathy said...

JUne it is Katherine. Im writing it in my new little calendar!!! Ling, I doubt I'll jump the pond but you never know!!!! Karen, I will let you know about the swimming. We would be laughing to hard to do laps I am afraid. This is sounding better and better!
Dee, I fear i will be sleeping at midnoc trying to fend off a nasty cold!!! Let's just say I'll be dreaming and I dont mind dreaming all year!

Grace said...

some of your goals are the saem as mine!!! I want to start swimming at our local gym now that I am loosing weight,

and we know my knitting challenges and how much I want to meet you and Katherine, I will save pennies for a train ticket to Chicago!

Channon said...

Happy 2011. I love the idea of fostering pregnant cats... not that I could. It's just a very sweet, consciencious thought!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I am with your kids, I love cities. How about finding just one thing to like.

I am really fond of ethnic foods, and can't wait to try Indian or Thai or something else fun when I get to a new city (or a familiar one). Milwaukee had Turkish food, something I have not seen anywhere in my own state.

I also love art museums, they fill my heart with joy, love, and hope. When I travel I try to find at least one museum, for at least one hour.

Some cities have wonderful parks or botanical gardens' or greenhouses. Some have colleges with interesting buildings and grounds. Some have fascinating geographic features: Montreal's mountain, Chicago's shoreline as examples.

In Cincinatti they have Chili, in New Orleans Beignets, in Cleveland there is Jeni's Ice Cream, Ann Arbor Zingerman's deli. You can find local wonderful non-ethnic foods like this as well.

One thing. I won't ask you to make it skyscrapers or subways. Those are on my top five fave things about cities, but I know I'm in a minority there.

Hugs, and happy whatever it becomes.

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