Saturday, March 27, 2010

Denim Fingerless .....and Cricket

It took me an entire month to knit these fingerless. They are a bit big on my hands, but that is good, They are a gift for someone with bigger hands than I. I'm 2 for 2 in 2010. Two pairs of fingerless knitted. I feel so slow.

I do believe that you lay the foundation for a lifetime in the first few months with a pup. I admit there has been less time to knit. Cricket is learning, "Im knitting now" and leaving me to knit when he is tired in the evenings.

With my new work schedule, I don't knit at all from sat to monday noon. I work and sleep and thats it. Very few people seem to understand this schedule. I think if you don't work it or live with someone who does, it is so odd you keep forgetting.
I am still really liking the schedule, I just have to stop feeling guilty that it leaves me less socialization time. It is where I need to be right now. I've given up on my sweet parents, they will never get it!

When I am knitting I am loving it. I am excited to cast on with the TYE DYE sock yarn. They are going to be simple straightforward socks. I want to knit them two at a time, on 8 needles. Cuff, then other cuff, heel then heel.

Have a happy weekend and if anyone is up when I work, feel free to email me. (I dont read them at work in the night, but it would be fun to see if anyone comments in the wee hours! )

I talk more in the comments!


Ling said...

The fingerless mitts look great. And Cricket has grown so much. I agree that it's important to do the groundwork in the early months.

I think it's great to be able to knit when you can. Not being able to knit Sat to Mon, is Ok.

Katherine said...

I love your mitts. You did such a great job on them! Cricket is as cute as a bug's ear--and you know how cute that is.

Isn't it interesting that we fall into our furry friend's routines of work, play and rest. Macy and Max hang out in our office and things tend to "settle" (to use a little training word there) when they sleep/rest. I love it!

Gayle said...

The mitts are great. I totally understand scheduling. I think you are right about the foundation of puppy training. It will pay off later. I still need to cast on for some socks and like you will probably do each simultaneously. Hopefully I will not get discouraged and actully finish them in a reasonable amount of time. I do appreciate the updates. :)

Karen said...

I say, knitting is not a race and there are no "slow knitters". Knit when you have the time and the urge!! :) Cricket is so adorable, we are sending him hugs!! (We as in me and K.C., or course!!)

Channon said...

Mitts are great, and Cricket is such a cutie!! I'm glad you've found a schedule that is right for you, and the rest will sort itself out. Now that I'm no longer doing the funky firefighter schedule, people still don't get that the Knight isn't always available...

gaylen said...

Love the fingerless mitts. And Cricket is adorable! good job on both. g

Donna Boucher said...

Those ears are priceless.

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