Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to hang on to that Vacation feeling?????

I loved the beach art on Sanibel island. How do I stay as carefree as this beach girl?
I am back to work but it was a smooth reentry!
Speaking of re entry's the first night in Florida we heard the sonic boom as the Space shuttle
reentered the atmosphere for landing. It was very neat to know that it was the shuttle landing
at Kennedy Space Center.

I will show you my denim like sock yarn soon.

It is so great to have Cricket home. We have lots of work to do.
Guess what is his favorite thing to try to play with?
Wooden needles and yarn........

I think the command will be : NO Knitting!

I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

Oh, good luck, with holding onto the vacation feeling and "no knitting." My girls have finally learned, although Gretchen still likes to caress cashmere...

Ling said...

Glad you had a great vacation! My little pets (kids) love the knitting as well.

Katherine said...

I love the beach girl! We were in the bleachers for a moon launch once many years ago. I cried like a baby. I mean it--big sobs!

Can't wait to see the sock yarn.

We say "leave it" to Macy and she does, but Max thinks we mean to pick it up here and leave it over there. He's hopeless!

rita said...

OHHHHH, I love Sanibel! I haven't seen beach art there. Wait, yes I did, once. West Gulf drive beaches are my favorite.

Hey--I'm retiring in June and moving to Big Pine Key!!! Next time you come to Florida we'll have to get together. The house won't be decent until we sell the house up here, but it's liveable. If I get an early retirement incentive, it's going to get the pool up and running. I NEED that pool.

I plan to get a yearly pass to the Florida state parks so I can go to Bahia Honda whenever I want to. I cannot wait!

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