Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year Knit Resolution

My New Year's Knit Resolution is to look at my knitting

while I am knitting.

This is a novel idea to me. How can it be? I have been knitting and blogging for nearly 6 years now. Is this an attainable goal?
Those Resolution experts suggest your goal be attainable.

Sometimes those Resolution experts suggest enlisting friends to help you form a new habit. So,
I'm enlisting you dear friends, the real and the Pretend. Remind me from time to time okay?

New habits take 21 days to become routine we are told. So here goes. I will be working on watching what I knit
while I am knitting it. Counting down to Jan 22nd.

I'm thinking podcasts while knitting, no television. I am thinking less eye contact with my knitfriends. Real friends
please use that Cesaer Milan zzzzzzzzit sound when I look at you while knitting.

Then there is supposed to be a reward. I do think that making fewer mistakes will be all the reward I need.


Anonymous said...

this is why you should always have more then one project going,serious projects get undivded attention,not so serious barely get or need that much attention.hense the not so needy project can go out more and socialize,while the i need all your time one can stay home!

Jennifer said...

Good luck! A lot of my friends listen to audiobooks while knitting. Our library has a great selection. Maybe that will work. Good luck!

Kathy said...

But Thing One,

I am doing easy stockinette and I will stop drop a stitch occasionally. Can you believe it?

And Jennifer I will go to my library and rent one of those thingamabobs that are like ipods. Thanks for the reminder.

Grace said...

does this mean you will not be knitting at the movies, I always have a garter project on standby with thick yarn and big needles just to do at the movies!!!!

Happy New Year

Hippy Chick said...

I just downloaded a few classic audiobooks yesterday to listen to while I knit. That way I'm working on 2 resolutions at once, read more and knit more. But I only knit easy projects that way. The hard ones I save for night when everyone is asleep. If I look up or try to talk while doing doub;e seed stitch, forget it, I'm lost.
I can't imagine having to remind myself to look at what I'm doing! Good for you!

Katherine said...

I always have a "ride in the car" project and a "hanging on the phone listening to elevator music" project. I don't know how Grace knits in the movie. I need a little more light than I get from the screen.

Gnat said...

That is an interesting goal. :) I took the time to learn how to knit stockinette and ribbing without looking at my knitting...but anything else I have to watch! :) Good luck!

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