Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not much knitting content in this post

Here is the knitting content: I'm contemplating frogging my logcabin. I need that yarn combo for something else. I cannot pick up stitches (still because of arm fears) yet. I love the colors and don't want to waste it. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I took this shot of a poochie enjoying a carride! My friend Diane's granddog Violet wears goggles for her joyrides. So cool.

Now for some interesting thoughts from my little sister the Veterinarian:

The new Dental intern at her Vet school says that feeding hard food to pets doesn't do a thing for their teerh. Total misconception. (WOW) The thing that actually made Huck's teeth beautiful, I am told, is that I brushed them. So get brushing folks!

If you have a boy kitty, like Radar, you can discourage kidney stones by feeding wet food. If they arent' good water drinkers and they only get hard food, it can exacerbate a kidney stone issue.

If your kitty needs a new kidney, the Univeristy of Madison does transplants. It costs thousands, and the cool thing is:
You get the kidney from a colony donor cat, and you have to adopt the donor too! So these cats are bred and raised for healthy kidneys so they can be donors. ........Now you can ponder that during your knitting today.....

People think their dog is dying when it is reverse snoring. Sort of snorting. Their tongue may be stuck on the roof of their
mouth. SO check it out. Just get their tongue back to norm and they will be fine.

About those dog bones, well back to the Dental Vet:

He says that if you hit your dogs bone on your own knee and hit hurts, it is too hard for the dog's teeth.
Who cares? Well they can crack the teeth and lead to big dental repair bills. and pain for your pooch!

The other bone trick is to try to nail a hammer into the bone. IF you can't, then it is too hard for your dog's teeth.

So that's it for today . My cats are really being attentive to us since Hucky passed. They know. For sure, they know

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said...

catching up on all of your blog posts missed you while I was away!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Cute Doggy picture:) hugs Darcy

Nat Red Knits said...

I don't think the dog bone trick will work for me, If I hit anything on my knee it hurts...LOL

However, I was surprised about the crunchy food...what do they say aboout Milkbones??

Chris said...

How do you pick up stitche? I pick up with a crochet hook and place them on the needle--ya know--use the hook to draw the loop through the knitting. Does not hurt my hands at all.

Katherine said...

Re-capturing yarn from a previous project is great fun. I love it when I realize what the yarn was really meant to be!

Pup sitting the grandpuppy this week. We brush Macy's teeth every other day but I wouldn't touch that puppy's buzz saw mouth!

The idea of using a hammer on the bones is a good one!

Sandra Singh said...

Thanks for the doggie tips, I guess I better get brushing LOL.

Sue said...

Two of our dogs have had root canals to repair broken teeth. My vet said to hit your knee with any treat or toy. If it hurts, don't give it to the dog, it can crack a tooth. We've gotten rid of all the hard toys and use only soft ones , especially for throwing.

Now how do we get rid of the sticks that fall into the yard?

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