Monday, October 20, 2008

Leftover Sock Yarn Socks Pattern

Once there was a frugal Hungarian knitter. She was plagued by disturbing thoughts of precious little balls of leftover sock yarns taking up stash space. So, because no koigu should be left unknitted, no STR, or handspun left as decoration for a package, and because Fireman thinks all yarn is created equal, leftover or not, the Leftover Sock Yarn Sock Pattern came to be.

Here is how she did it:

(She assumes one with leftover sock yarns already knows how to knit a sock.......and she writes the pattern in a prosey kind of non-knitting pattern way)

Step 1: Stop looking longingly at the tiny rolls of sock yarns and pick one you have the most of as your base.

Step 2: If you are a all color matchy person, look for other little stragglers that match your base leftover.
If you are feeling a little wild, choose a family of shades that might not look too bad together!

Step 3: Now, take some bigger needles, (she did this because she was also driven mad by many years of sock knitting on teeny tiny needles late at night, when the light grew dim because the family liked the glow of the television to be the only light in the room, and the Daylight Savings time rules made the dark come sooner.

Step 4: Hold the base yarn with your first choice of another leftover ball, and begin casting on 48 stitches. You are knitting with both balls of yarn .

Step 5: KNit a plain old sock. On 4 needles.

Step 6: Keep changing yarns when you yarn #2, not the main yarn, is about half way gone. Change the color of the second ball of yarn with each sock portion:
part that comes before the heel flap
heel flap and heel turn can be done in same duet of colors as can the 12 pick up stitches for the gusset on each side of the flap
round toe.

Oh Do any toe you want. She had round wide Hungarian feet and the round toe worked best for her.

By keeping the second half of each 2nd color used, she could knit the other sock in the same color pattern.

She made many leftover socks and it was a good thing. Because they are a bit thicker, and because they lived in an old house whose insulation was made up of old newspapers, and they were too cheap to crank up the heat, her toes never fell off from frostbite.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Jolynn said...

Lol. ^_^

PurlingPirate said...

Great idea, thanks! And love your model!

Anonymous said...

Your posts always bring a smile to my face and usually even a giggle or two. The leftover sock yarn pattern is brilliant!

evergreenknits said...

What a great idea! Do you happen to have any photos of a sock made like this? I'd love to see!

Katherine said...

I know your friend is glad that his feet are warm for a change! I love your pattern. I am going to try it in leftover Dream In Color Smooshy (brown)and orange STR. Great idea!! I'll bet they knit up fast too.

Karen said...

That was the most entertaining sock pattern I've ever read. And it makes such pretty socks - all out of leftovers. You are one clever knitter!!!

Kathy said...


They do knit up fast! More reason to go for it!

rita said...

Great idea! One of these days I'll have to try it.

Rhonda said...

Finally ... a good plan for the left overs!

Nat Red Knits said...

Love the little Hungarian ditty!

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