Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Insufficient Information

Dear buddy nurse and spay neuter pal Linda, came to visit yesterday. 
We knitted. We laughed.  We shared books we are reading. She Showed me her scarf.  It looks like a shawl but it is a scarf.

Here is her yarn choice. And the( OUCH) price.  
It makes her happy to knit. 
If Linda's happy I'm happy. 
I dont' know the pattern and neither does she. 
Her dog literally shredded her pattern. 
She was at a point where she had memorized the easy part and she's nearly finished. 
So there you go, anyone know the pattern?

You are all so sweet about the move and the house.
This morning I got my cuppa joe and headed to the porch to write you. 
In the distance, my nearest neighbor, whom I can see through some trees....
well one of their teens came out, stretched, peed on their lawn casually, and then laid in his hammock for 5 minutes. 
I'm sure he's not the first boy to do this. 
I'm not even sure he's their boy. 
Insufficient information and I dont' even want to know. 

I need a new project. I'm ready. 
The nearest yarn shop is closed today .
I'm going to look through my books....maybe to be inspired.
And your posts of course!


Vera said...

Oh...most glad that you have a porch. Sitting in the morning on the porch with coffee (or tea) is the BEST! The shawl/scarf looks very familiar, but can't think of a name. Laughed out loud at the boy peeing in the yard. Yikes! Good it's a bit of a distance away...lol

Katherine said...

I love Linda's scarf, and her sense of humor, "The dog ate my pattern." You certainly have interesting neighbors. All this time I thought mine were the most interesting. They allow their under 7 year-old children to run around, outside, naked. I think your neighbor's unique method of watering the lawn beats naked.

Glad you are settling in to your new digs.

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful way to spend an afternoon; the scarf is luscious!

Teresa Kasner said...

Now that is some seriously spendy yarn.. but I admit, I may or may not have spent that much on a skein. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Karen51 said...

Do you know about the yarn store in Marengo called the Fold? Really really nice owner and wonderful selection of yarn!

Tired Teacher said...

Actually that's not an unreasonable price for over 500 yards with that fiber content: I bet it's heavenly to knit.

Hmm, your neighbors may add some spice to the neighborhood and your knitting time . . just sayin ;o)

Mo said...

I think I found the pattern on ravelry for Linda:

It's TWINLEAF by Grace Anna Farrow

kathy b said...

Thanks MO!!!

Anonymous said...

Linda's scarf is BEAUTIFUL! I don't think the price on that yarn is all that bad.

Stefanie said...

That is some project. Good for her on treating herself. And oh boy what a view from your porch, ew. But how lovely to have a porch.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a knitter, but I was beamed over here by a friend of yours, and I really enjoyed scrolling down the page and reading your posts. You have a light touch with words, and gorgeous pics. Thanks for the pleasant and welcoming visit. =)

Araignee said...

Oh, good golly. I can't tell you how many times I had to speak to boys about peeing on the playground at recess. Is this a new thing? I saw my nephews whip it out and pee on a neighbor's car at a family cookout last year. I was speechless. Son #1 and #2 would be thingless if I ever caught them doing that. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
I love that stripey scarf. That is some pricey yarn but it's about the same as 18 holes of golf and that fun only lasts for a day-if that.

Judy S. said...

Ha! Maybe we'll convert desertsky (Susan) yet! Well, you wouldn't want your new neighborhood to be boring, would you? Sounds like he's done that before though. So where is the nearest yarn shop? (In case we ever get up to Wisconsin.....like I need any yarn though.) As for expensive, did you see what Katherine could have paid for yarn to make her kit? She didn't though. Smart lady.

Betsy said...

Well, welcome to the neighborhood! That scarf is beautiful. Although I would cringe to pay that for yarn, it really isn't a bad price at all for the type of yarn and the yardage in the skein. I hope you soon get to visit your yarn shop so you can start a new project.

karen said...

nice porch, nice shawl, let me know what it is! As to a peeing teen, well that is a bit icky. I hope that isn't a daily ritual. EEP!

steph said...

That's twinleaf!!! Loved knitting that!!!!!! (mine is done in almost the same colors!!!!)

elns said...

I am pretty sure it's Twinleaf. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/twinleaf. I love that thing. I still wear mine with love and affection.

I don't understand how you can't make it to the house to pee? Also urine is bad for the lawn, everybody knows that ;)

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you are all settled in and loving the new house!! Hope it keeps going well. Hope your friend can finish her scarf too!

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