Sunday, July 27, 2008

There are no bad answers Contest Day #2

Yesterdays answers were great. Here are MY answers to yesterday's questions:
I did a knitted cast on for the first time. Not that exciting I know, but it is progress for me. Thank you YOUTUBE for the visual.
The bird that I saw twice in my nearly Chicago backyard: a hummingbird. I hurried up and bought a feeder and I haven't seen it since. But, rest assured, I am on alert....

Zach insisted on knitting and designing his own i-pod cover. He mastered circular double points size one's for his first attempt.
"I want to make the blog, mom," he chided. Well, he did. What one won't do when their girlfriend is half a world away for a month. :)

Todays contest questions, and remember you get a point for every question you answer, right, wrong or funny: ( answers aren't in previous posts.)

#3 What country is beautiful Cara returning from this week?

#4 Who is the coolest man on T.V. right now?

#5 How many minutes will I spend knitting tonight?

Good luck and may the force be with you.


Beverly said...

Good for Zach. Is this his only knitting project?

Anne said...

Argentina (?)

My vote for coolest man on tv right NOW is Christian Vandevelde


Knitmomma said...

3. Africa?
4. Coolest man? I'm loving Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard on "The Big bang Theory", but I don't watch much TV right now.
5. 43 minutes

Bullwinkle said...

Very cool first project! (I started a guy at work on a sock. I think he stopped at "ipod cover")

3. Italy
4. t.v.??? (Sorry - lame-O but last night I watched reruns of Seinfeld.)
5. 54 minutes

Oh ... and how did I get here? I don't remember, but I had fun!

Cookey_knits said...

3 Country? let me guess China

4 T.V.? I don't know I haven't watch tv for so long I wouldn't even have a guess.

5 Knitting now that I could guess 1hr 15 min.

Karen said...

Zach's iPod cover is awesome. Size 1 dpn's are no small feat to master - good for him!! So glad his girlfriend will be back from Russia this week. Hope she's back in time to watch re-runs of The Office on TBS tomorrow night, so she doesn't miss cool man John Krasinski (aka Jim Halpert). Hope you enjoy every minute of your seven hours of knitting tonight. :)

Kathy said...


You crack me up. Hee hee hee.
glad you are playing.

Kristen said...

I'll guess:

Coolest guy on TV? Well I'd LOVE to see the Maytag repairman at my door. My washing machine is broken.
And I'll say you'll spend 75 minutes knitting tonight.

Turtle said...

Hey Zach! Great job!! Yeah, i had thought of hummingbird as well!

Judge Joe Brown (lol, smile)
97 minutes!

ponyknit said...

aww he did an awesome job!
1. Italy
2. Jay Leno (I dunno, random)
3. 52 minutes

Breien in Lansingerland said...

#3 What country is beautiful Cara returning from this week?


#4 Who is the coolest man on T.V. right now?

Tommy Lee Jones :-) At the moment the movie Blown Away is on tv, and he plays a real bad guy!

#5 How many minutes will I spend knitting tonight?

I think an hour.

dokpearl said...

3. France
4. Alex Trebek (never seen him flustered, not once)
5. 70 minutes

Kate said...

Yay for day 2!

3. Ireland
4. Stephen Colbert
5. 30 minutes

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

5.45 minutes

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