Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two Negatives make a Positive

Brought to you by the sticker on a car I saw yesterday: WE ALL USE MATH EVERYDAY.

I Don't like to block knits + the naughty kitties try to lay on them = block on futon on porch today and enjoy flowers outside.

Using up the stash is getting boring + what if no one wants the tissue covers, really? = it might feel like new yarn, if I use up AL's leftovers and make a helix hat.

Wee tiny bites isn't doing anything fast+I am shopping for pants today = Al says I can cut the tags out if the number bothers me.

Paid EIGHTY dollars for Hucky's grooming yesterday + the fridge is making snarly motor sick sounds = Huck feels incredibly soft and will shed less, and if I play good music loudly all day I won't hear the fridge noise.

Still haven't done anything useful with log cabin mistake blankie from last summer + none of my shawls has come out too great for such a short person like me= will feel so creative when I finally use mistakes for something.

and my favorite new saying from another blog: Don't be afraid of partial solutions !

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Chris said...

I like to buy Gloria vanderbilt jeans cuz I can buy a 10 instead of a 12. Thinking of having are dog groomed but $80 may make me reconsider.

Kathy said...


I think it depends on your doggy of course. I asked them to take all his feathers off for swimming etc. I think sometimes it is 50. :)

Knit and fall back in it said...

My goodness, that is a lot of math...I guess bumper stickers don't lie.

Anonymous said...

You're so clever. I like your way of doing math.

Cookey_knits said...

I know how costly the dogs grooming can be with all my 9 dogs I would be broke and would never be able to buy any more yarn, thats why I learned how to do it myself.

As for cutting the tags out thats a good one I need to go out and buy more pants because I only have two left that fit. But I keep telling myself I will lose the weight so I can get into my old jeans that are still good. Why waste money on new pants when I can spend it on more yarn.

Kathy said...


I usually do that. Force the fit and save the moohla. It got to an extreme! Abdominal pain from way tooo tight buttoning. Shameful I know. Got the new pants today, and guess what,

no pain!

Jennifer said...

Do I dare ask what that shadow is? I'm going to hope and pray (for Fido's sake) that's it you knitting and not some medical torture device. I sort of feel like this post was inspired by Psycho. (Can you hear the scary music?) Are you sure it was just a grooming and nothing more?

; )

Nell said...

Sun + Nell in a boat on a lake = Pink but happy Nell

As a former retail buyer, sizing is not universal. So you can always be the size you want. You just have to find the right brand!

Kathy said...

Major Jen

You are so funny. Looking back it is a bit of a PSYCHO post. hahahaha. THat is my attempt at blog art. Zach took the shadow picture while I knit the latest tissue cover. I wish I would have thought of that...scary knitting, psycho knitting. Happy friday

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I love your tissue paper holders there lovely.I need to find a groomer for our cat.Hugs Darcy

Katherine said...

I think the tissue covers are great! Of course that comes from a person with allergies who always carries tissues.

I understand about the dog! Everytime we have Macy groomed I end up thinking, "She's just a small dog. What do they charge for a Great Dane?"

BTW I cut the labels out of clothes all the time. I don't want that staring me in the face!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Someone wrote me to say she received her pkg;)Thankyou Kathy for all you do.Hugs Darcy

Pat K said...

Gad, that seems high for grooming. I pay $38 for Buddy. Just wish he didn't come home afterwards and roll in the dirt.

Anne said...

I think it's a spectacular idea to cut out the tag if the number is a bother - and it's wonderful for Al to say that to you and show that it doesn't matter to him either!

What a lovely, uplifting post. :)

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