Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tempting Sale Yarns

My LYS 3 Bags Full is having a sale this week. Isn't this tempting? This yarn looks to me like it came right out of Rumplestilskin. Shot in available light, my favorite light, I think it is a lovely sight. I didn't buy any. I did buy some yarn in cornflower blue and yellow for a baby blanket. The square I went right to in 200 Knitted Blocks, is called Patch. I will be making a baby blanket in Patch soon.

* A few more books for National Library Week that Al has enjoyed:

The Vacation: by Polly Horvath. For the 3rd or 4th grade set. She says it is a fun read.

THe Outlander: Diana Gabaldon. Al initially scoffed at this Romanace series. Then fell for it! A real page turner. She can't wait for the next one to come out over the summer.

Eat, Pray, Love: Elizabeth Gilbert. People complained that she was very egotistical and self-centered in this memoir, but Al appreciated her honesty. Great mediatation tips. Makes Al want to go to Italy and pig out.

Good Poems for Hard Times: Garrison Kellor ed. Nice mix of modern and classic. Getting her through this dreary grey Chicago season.

I'll see you in the comments. as Donna Boucher Quiet Life says. And I'll answer you in the comments.


Cheryl said...

Oh that is pretty! Good for you for not giving into the temptation!

I love the Outlander series by Gabaldon as well, but I hadn't heard when the next book was coming out - now I'm very excited! Thanks!!

Katherine said...

A great list of books! I am reading Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon now, and can't wait to read all of her books. I'm hooked!

Anonymous said...

I would've never been able to resist that yarn. Wow. Such willpower.

I'm so behind on my reading. I have 4 books just begging for attention. I guess I know what I'll be taking on vacation.

Grace Yaskovic said...

I got a new book today Tea Time at the Inn, its really a recipe book, but its quite pretty to look at!!

Can't wait to see the baby blankets progress!

Anonymous said...

I was tempted and I fell into purchasing some at 3 Bags the other day.

Nell said...

Good for you for resisting temptation. That's not easy to do in the face of sale yarn!

Bernadette said...

Oh, that yarn looks luscious and very hard to resist! :)

Beverly said...

You are good. My lys had some on sale last month and I walked out of there with 12 skeins. I can only imagine what would have happened had I been at your lys.

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