Monday, April 21, 2008

Blue flecks and Rowan's Beau sweater in Kathmandu

in Aran weight. Al is making this sweater for Fireman daddy. Deadline: Fall 08. Al can only find time to knit Sat a.m. from 9-11 during one of her classes. I admire her sticktuitiveness. I know many of you work on a certain thing at certain times and that makes a FO over time. I'm such the impatient knitter, but I suppose if that was the only time I had to knit, it could see me through.

I took the photo in the little blue spring flowers to highlight the blue flecks in the charcoal yarn. See 'em. Go ahead squint. Or enlarge the picture.

The contest has been such a fun thrill for me. I so love going to littleknowns like me and reading their blogs. Full of incredible knits, full of wisdom, full of their own unique style. The biggest surprise is that Rachel O. is a junior high lurker.
Well sometimes commenter, she thinks! Now Rachel O, I adore that you read the blog for a little levity. Now Rachel O, we have to protect your identity and all but tell your mom I'll send you some winner yarn just b/c I want to encourage you. If she agrees let me know in a comment, and, we'll connect so you win some yarn.

All of the canker sore remedies are much appreciated. I am still looking for a sweeper. The dog breath has improved with a chlorophyl type greenie thing!

You are such smart blogfolk. Thanks


Rachel O said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw my name on today's post, and was shocked when I read it. I responded on the contest entry.

In a nutshell, I'm a college student, not a junior high schooler - I just meant that part of the reason that I lurk without posting is that I still worry that I won't sound cool enough if I post, like when I was in junior high. See - I caused this problem because I didn't say the right thing.

Sorry for causing confusion. Really.

Lil Knitter said...

How smart to take the photo in the blue flowers....I might not have even noticed the blue flecks otherwise.

Myself...I would never finish it only knitting on one day. I am much too impatient for that.


Nell said...

YAY for greenies! My cats actually know the word greenie. It's so funny!

You can totally see the blue flecks. Cool yarn!

Kathy said...


Rather than blog again and embarass you further, why don't you email me? Heehehhhehhhe.
I have had a killer cold and I found the whole thing kind of hysterically funny. You have to get your mom to comment! Does she?
HOw did you two find irisheyes?

Rachel O. I Love ya!

Knit and fall back in it said...

That sweater part looks so happy to be out enjoying the sun and the little blue flowers bring out it's blue flecks perfectly.

Katherine said...

I was so surprised to see the blue flecks when I enlarged the photo! That is beautiful yarn and I would go crazy, excuse me crazier, if I could only knit one day a week! I carry knitting with me everywhere and knit for two minutes whenever I can. In line at the grocery store is one of my regulars!

I love seeing those little blue spring flowers. Chicago I'm coming!

Bernadette said...

Great photo of a beautiful sweater! Al definitely has patience and discipline! I don't think I could hang on that long to finish a sweater, no matter how wonderful... I am a person who needs to see results quickly.

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