Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Smiling Irisheyes

My little leprechaun eggs are celebratng early. My father says his Hungarian sister crocheted this egg cover for him. I wonder if it was meant for turkey eggs or something. I might conisder making him a new egg warmer, but anything his sister makes, you know, surpasses any efforts of my own. I still might. I have my little Irish eggs to model for the perfect fit. My Irish mom would like them.

My irisheyes are smiling because I feel so much better. I got some silicone friends. They feel wonderful. My irish eyes are very light and I've been photophobic for a few weeks now. Yesterday the eye doctor told me I had very little tear production in my eyes. He inserted some sterile silicone plugs into my tear ducts. These are supposed to act like a plug in a sink would. They keep the tears around. So let's hear it for silicone ladies! I love my pair.

Why are your Irish eyes smiling?


Beverly said...

That's a super size egg cover. Must be for an emu egg.

It's amazing what docs can do nowadays.

Grace Yaskovic said...

neat eggs and cute hat!!! silicone hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm glad its working for you

Anonymous said...

When you said silicone friends, I thought you meant new boobs. It's probably because I was bra shopping today (ick) and so my mind is there right now.

I'm glad your doc had a solution for your pain. YEAH!

My Irish eyes are smiling because I've got the best husband in the world.

Jennifer said...

Very funny. You had me going for a second. : )

Bernadette said...

Cute blue hat, I like the Irish eggs! :)

The procedure you had sounds a lot like what they do for kids with ear infections - putting tubes in so that the fluid can drain. I can't even imagine how tiny tear duct tubes would be...

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