Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Christmas Rhyme

Twas nearing the Christmas and all through the room,
the mood began changing, no longer gloom doom.
The gift sock reknitting was coming along,
the short sock itself was becoming quite long.
The Pony Pearl double points clicking away,
this gift might be finished, I heard myself say.
Finshed for Christmas finished in time,
perhaps then the Christmas posts won't have to rhyme.
For now, though, the rhymes will just have to stay
I don't want to jinx this, socks do go astray,
we've all had it happen, the second sock way......
Fear not dear blog readers, the lurkers and all,
the poets, the bloggers, the small and the tall,
with coffee and Coke and a lot of time still,
Cara's sock will be finished, it will, oh it will!


Bernadette said...

You will have to publish a Treasury of Knitting Poems, you know! :) Great poem, beautiful sock! The colors are awesome!

Pat K said...

Amazing that you can find the time to knit and rhyme! Keep on plugging away!

Anonymous said...

This sock is looking great,
Keep it up and it won't be done late.
Those pony's should keep clicking away,
So you will be done before Christmas day.
Cara will love it, you will see,
Have a happy holiday season from me !

Beverly said...

I'm enjoying your Christmas rhymes. You're a hoot!

Karen said...

How pretty your sock is! Keep up the good work!

Jolynn said...

Haha! Your poems make me giggle. ^_^

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Oh I can see you combine poetry and patterns! Would love this for sure!

Yarn Miracle said...

It's coming out so pretty - you should keep up the rhymes. Wouldn't want to jinx your sock mojo!

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