Sunday, August 12, 2007

Postcard fun

Al is knitting a baby hat fairisle style. So cute. I think she is making up the pattern. The night photo was taken with a sunflower grown from birdseed. I think the flower is smiling down on the hat.

Postcard update. You have about 3 weeks left to send a postcard for the contest.

Some of those who have entered and entertained me with their postcards are:

Alyssa from From her new state of Oregon. :)
Debbiebear from NH sent a stinker of a skunk card. So cute. Amongst others.
Anne from sent a neat museum card from London.
Abby my neighbor sent me a card from Waupaca. Thanks Abby!
Adrienne in the belly button of California sent a beauty.
Pre-delivery Ling of sent several London postcards!
Tracy of Hales Corners Wisconsin sent a great little Life is Good with Yarn card.
Kim from KnitswithasilentK sent a darling Sea otter card from Santa Barbara.
Gaylen sent a very cool Seattle postcard with streaks of lightening all over it. I love weather!
Marcia at the MacaroniMonologues sent a kitty in a beach chair post card from Long Beach CA.
Mary from Fort Worth sent a great Longhorn and cowboy postcard.
Hege from PineConeLodge sent this great postcard of a dog jumping into a Cranberry Bog. It is mindboggling.

I am having a great time getting the mail these days. I know Bianca's is on the way.

The rest of you still have time to enter. Keep hunting for those postcards. I know for some it has been difficult. You are going to love the sock yarn for the grand prize winner and all the goodies for other winners too. 3 weeks left.


Jennifer said...

My post card is on its way!

Karen said...

What a beautiful hat! Great job Al! I am determinded to find a post card.

The Knitstress said...

What a beautiful hat, next year I try to lean Fair Isle. I think I am doing well with cables. I am glad you got my post card, I have another one on the way, and might squeeze in a couple more.

Knitting in Pink said...

I'm a little late to the game but I know I still have time. I'd like to send you a postcard... : ) My email is cabrera underscore val at hotmail dot com. Thanks for removing it from the comment when you're done!

Donna Boucher said...

Happy Birthday dear blog-sistah!!!
I'm glad to hear you have a day off and are able to knit to your hearts delight!!!!

Happy Day, birthday girl!!!

Have a big ole piece of cake for me!

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