Thursday, July 26, 2007

Log Cabin Mistakes

My log cabin logs are warping......But I love it anyway. I now know that if you don't pick up enough stitches on the last log, the result is wavy.
My friend Joan says I can pull stitches here and there and make it all wavy.
My other friend Joan says I should make it a diaper bag and it will be a clever mistake.

Al thinks the Fixation was not a good choice as it has some elasticity in the cotton.

I still love it.

Maybe I'll find a wavy baby to give it to.
Maybe blocking it will help.

I haven't finished it. I have more fixation left and it could be bigger.

Any suggestions? I still love it.


Karen said...

I like the wavy logs - they give it character. Does it lay flat enough to function as a blanket. If so, I say let the wavy logs be a design feature!!

monica said...

I say if you like it, knit on and make it big enough for you if you are worried about giving it to someone. I think it looks really nice.

Lynne said...

Waves, Smaves. It looks awesome, Kathy B!

Kadiddly said...

Eh, blocking will help it out, and if not, it's a design feature! I love the colors of it!

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