Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Try try again


iwasknittogetherinmymotherswomb.typepad.com Garden swap is wrapping up for Emily and I. Tomorrow we start our package race. It has been great fun hunting for things for Emily.
My neighbor, Abby, showing us all her Katmandu pink shawl. I have knit a shrug with a this lovely yarn. It has washed well. Abby says she loves this most of all her knits. (Such a great feeling!) She knit it as her Father passed and it was comforting to her on Father's Day.
Let's hope my link worked....


Elizabeth said...

Kathy, It didn't work. You need to put http:// before what you have typed. (Just a suggestion) ;)
Another way to do it is to go to the web site you want to link to, click on the address bar, copy it, and then paste it to your post.

Emily said...

1 1/2 hours until box mailing time! Yaaaay! I am going to go and tape it up. :D

Kim said...

So close! You've got the close tag there all right, but the open "a" tag has the wrong href. You want href="http://iwasknittogetherinmymotherswomb.blogger.com" - you have lots of iwasknittogetherinmymotherswomb stuck together and it has http://www.blogger.com in the front.

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