Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Of Log Cabins and Limericks

There Once was a woman in scrubs
She decided to give up the Cubs.
She began a new life,
It had such little strife-
and she found a new team to love.
(torn between yankees and red sox....)

There Once was a woman who knit,
She ordered a small little kit,
It came from the ComfortZone
She rubbed it on her old bonz
and her pain was gone lickety-split!
(Soothing Touch herbal heat and ice...orders@

There Once was a girl in a blog
She worn handknit socks with her clogs.
Yet her dishcloths they were such a flop,
She decided to join a new swap,
and her sock knitting went to the dogs.
(Emily's frugal summer swap:at yarnmiracle blog)

There once were cicadas piled high,
They screamed as the rose in the sky,
NoOne could hear themselves talk,
Shells crunched underfoot on their walks,
The flew in girls' hair,
'Twas a living nightmare,
Thank God 4 weeks lated they DIED.
( is now to the Biblical plague stage......)

I am having so much fun with the Fixation Log Cabin Blanket.


Elizabeth said...

Kathy, Try putting http://www. before the links you are putting in your post and we will be able to click right to the site. For example: It will automatically underline the link. (It won't do it in the comments, however.) Cute, cute post today by the way! :)

Donna Boucher said...

You are very clever!!!

No! You mustn't give up the Flubs/Cubs.

Never give up.

Karen said...

Cute post!! Except for the part about the cicadas - icky.

Karen said...

Love your blanket!! Love your poem too!!!

Kim said...

I vote Red Sox. =)

Webbies said...

Yankees all the way :) I haven't seen any cicada's here yet---I have been waiting...if I do go to WI wool festival...I will let you know!

Emily said...

Make a little movie so we can all hear what you're going through! If it makes you feel any better, I can hear our cricket chorus indoors now.

Beverly said...

I'm glad our cicada's don't come out enmass. I like to collect the exos and use them as temporary jewelry. Wierd I know but it's a good way to freak people out.

I've never knit a dishcloth or a washcloth. Sounds like a neat idea but between writing up programs for the guild, SOS, the shawl and my yet to be started Feel the Love Along project,I'd better stick to the projects at hand. Thanks for thinking about me on this one.

~Kristie said...

LOVE this post! You're so clever!

Alisha said...

Love the log cabin blanket!! Great colors!!

p.s. The henna tattoo did not last long. She was advised to use baby powder to prolong it. She had got it just below the bend in her arm so when she sweated and her arm was bent it smudged. I know someone who had one done that lasted quite a while. You should just join the rest of us and get a real one!!!

Ling said...

Love your log cabin! And the limerick.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

You are quite a poet Kathy! :-)

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