Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Koigu in Available Light

Is there anything prettier than Koigu photographed with only available light? This shawlette lives next to the wall of Koigu at Three Bags Full Knitting studio in Northbrook IL. Lynnette has a wallful of Koigu. Email her at Knittingstudio@aol.com for colors. Or just go in and view it in all it's collective beauty. Because if you do, you simply cannot leave without some.

I'm porch knitting today. 80 and lovely out in Chicago with no lake breeze today, no 17 year locusts yet, and no shame. Are you a shameless knitter? Do you know your knitting is part of you and whenever you knit its good for the karma all around you. Even if the laundry pile will shock any visitors. Even if your child is playing a tennis match while you work a little garter. Even if......
go ahead you fill in the shameless blank!


Allison said...

I love that shawl. I definetely want to make it. Do you think I could make it out of koigu scraps?

Karen said...

Very pretty shawl! What a wonderful collection they have on the wall.

Mizz Boyeah said...

Yes Al

I do think you could use Koigu scraps. All Koigu seems to have that great ability to mingle and look great.

Karen said...

Absolutely beautiful. Gotta love Koigu.

. . . . even if dinner hasn't been cooked. That's what take-out is for. LOL

hege said...

Even if the dogs want you to take them out and play...
What a beautiful shawl! I think that's the prettiest Koigu article I have ever seen!

Anne said...

Nice! I do loves me some Koigu!!

Donna Boucher said...

For some bizarre reason, I just want to say,
"Get in my belly!"

I love that shawl :o)

And the midwest on a perfect spring day...doesn't get much better.

mizz boyeah said...

Dear Mizz Boucher

Get in my belly? You mean the koigu? hee hee? You want to eat it b/c it is so luscious?

Did you read my post about copying you:

yarnmaniac said...

OMG that has to be the most gorgeous shawl ever. I love Koigu!!

Beverly said...

That's a perfect project for relaxing. What's the pattern and how many skeins does it take? You can't keep tempting us without providing all the info.

Besides I'm in SC and there's not a chance I'm going in for a look.

Details! Details! ;)

mizz boyeah said...


Oops. Here's the information:

You need 7 skeins of Koigu. Al is unsure if you use all 7 completely.

IT is called THE GARDEN PARTY SHAWL and it is a Koigu pattern.

I know 3 bags Full has the pattern.
You could email her or call her for the pattern if you can't easily find it.

Im so glad you liked it too!

Monika said...

Wonderful shawlette! I love Koigu, used it once for socks, but am hoarding it in my closet, just for the "right" project. Will there ever be one? It's just too precious. Koigu maker are about a 2 hours car ride from where I live, but don't think I can get to it any easier! Nice to meet you too Kathy! ;o)

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