Friday, May 18, 2007

I have been tagged for a 7 random things meme

This is the first time i've been tagged. (kim and alyssa both tagged me) It is a simple meme.
You have to write 7 random things about you. THen you tag 7 other people. You leave them a comment in their blog so they know they have been tagged.
Would anyone LIKE to be tagged? Let me know. Consider yourself tagged.

7 Random things about myself:

1. I love getting and sending postcards.

2. I am a good mimic. I think I was a parrot in a past life. I also love crackers... I cannot help but talk like those around me.

3. I just bought my first toe ring.

4. I was on the Bozo show in 1969. My father got the tape and my husband taped the Tour de France over it. Oops. I am forgiving.

5. I had to give CPR to a nieghbor last year and I am ashamed to say, that it was grotesque. I am a nurse and shouldnt feel this way. But how you feel is how you feel.

6. Ive never seen Animal House, Caddy Shack, Gone with the Wind, or Gandi.

7. I rarely blog about sad things, even Va. TEch and the like. I just can't do it.


monica said...

You know it is funny, when I am around people from the south I get a little twang, I have never lived in south, but I work with several of them. And I too am a nurse and I think CPR in the real world is a lot more grotesque than in a clinical setting, I totally understand. what is important is that you did it not that you hated it.

Mizz Boyeah said...


Thanks for the sweet words and support. Happy Nurses Week late.

suburban prep said...

I was on Bozo Circus in 1969,too. My father went to a bar in the city somewhere and asked them to watch the show. I got on the Grand Prize game (I was 5 so I only got to bucket #4).

yarnmaniac said...

I am so impressed: Bozo!

Kim said...

I highly recommend Gandhi. But I have kind of a thing for Ben Kingsley....

Olga said...

Oooh! I always wanted to on Bozo! My mom either never got around to sending in for tickets or couldn't figure out how, so we settled for lining up buckets in the backyard and tossing ping pong balls at them.

Thanks for the nice comment on my meme! I'm glad I got to read yours.

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