Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cowboys knitting tips

This cowboy has been knitting a lace shawl between go-rounds. His advice is to keep doing those finger and wrist reps to prevent fatigue. He uses Superman lotion from Sephora to keep his hands soft. This keeps the laceweight from snagging on his skin.
These cowboys on cellphones are calling in their orders for hand-dyed yarn at Acornbud's new etsy site. Clearly they are competing for her superwash wools. Their socks get mighty dirty from the bull s--- all around them.
Finally this cowboy does occasionally put down his knitting for a ride. It only takes 8 seconds or so and then it is back to the knitting.

What fun this knitter had at the Professional Championship Bull Riding event in Chicago last night. :)

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monica said...

LOL I guess I better check out that etsy shop before all those cowboys order all the yarn.

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