Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring Hiking Socks

This wonderful WICK yarn by knitonecrochettoo was a gift from my friend Diane. This yarn is wonderful. Not only is it wonderfully cheering "spring spring spring!" it has some "spring" to it as well. I mean the yarn has some stretch which is great for my wrists. I'm going to check out their site for other colors. More socks WILL be made with this yarn. It is softer than fixation, for socks. It is a soy/poly blend. I also love my pink pony pearls, as many of you know. The pink needles compliment the yarn, don't you think?

Spring will come. I know because I've seen the chocolate bunnies in Target. Have you seen a chocolate bunny yet?


Karen said...

What pretty yarn - love the colors. Yup, Pea and I saw chocolate bunnies at the grocery store yesterday.

monica said...

I have seen the chocolate bunnies too. I an surprised they waited until the day after Valentines' day to put them out. Love the socks and the color. I have not knit with the Wick yarn yet, I will have to check it out.

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