Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don't

The blue fingerless gloves were a quick knit up for my neighbor. The raspberry were supposed to be for my other neighbor. Both women have been really kind and helpful to me this fall. Oh dear. The blues are great. The raspberries are too big, in case you cannot miss the obvious, sorry. I've tried felting them TWICE.

We are trying a third attempt and I may have to throw them in the dryer too.

We know this yarn felted into a fantastic purse Al made last year that became mine. Is the ribbing the problem? Is the Kookaburra soap just too soft for this yarn?

I can only post this problem, because I read another blogger's mishap post today. Her sock problem admission, made sharing this misknit much easier. (thanks elizabeth, you know who you are, I won't share the link for a innocent mistake you made!) Suffice to say, I'd wear two different shades of the same color sock......
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Kat said...

Try less water and more aggitation - throw something (a bath towel, jeans, etc) in with them. I do not know what Kookaburra soap is - but I have used liquid dial (one squirt) and that works great in a pinch. Hope that helps!

monica said...

Let them soak in hot water for about a half hour and then throw them in the hot wash with a pair of blue jeans and regular, ( very small amount) of laundry soap. What is the brand of the yarn, is it 100% wool?
Good Luck

Donna Boucher said...

Did you buy superwash by accident?

Those are just gigantic!

Kookaburra said...

I'm sorry your raspberry gloves are too big. But the blue ones look lovely!

And thank you for using Kookaburra Wash! :)

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