Saturday, October 14, 2006

I finally got a sweater stone

The stone is the small little boxy thing by the Halloween socks that I am sometimes knitting. Sometimes, because THE sleeve to THE coat is still being worked on. I am getting very very close to finishing the knitting.

Is it possible that one can actually be depressed with a too long project? I am sometimes reading Yarn Harlot, which is always making me smile and laugh. Perhaps she has a chapter on this knitting condition. Everyone who has left an encouraging comment is considered part of the ultimate success of this coat. Thank you!

The sweater stone was used on my knitpicks socks that got a bit pilly after a year of washing and radiator drying. It did perk them up quite a bit. I had to sweep the porch afterwards because......there are enough yarny things that make the house untidy for the non-knitters in the house.

Have a great weekend. I'm keeping at it...:)

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Karen said...

I've often contemplated ordering one of those stone, but wondered if they really work. Thanks for the review, I'll have to pick one up. Keep going on your coat . . . you'll get there!! :)

Jennifer said...

Great to hear about the stone - I'll have to get one. I've been eyeing them of late, so this must be a sign that it's time to make the purchase.

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