Friday, August 18, 2006

New Purse Guilt

The flowers are just for some blog beauty. Not my garden, but the Chicago Botanic Gardens again. I want to make a sweater in those great colors. All of them.

I didn't knit my new purse. I bought it. There is an odd feeling I have about this. I had the new yarn for the fall purse and the pattern, but..somehow...I ran into this purse and decided it would be great to have. I guess that leaves me less time crunched. So why does it feel strange to have a not knit my new purse?

Have a great summer friday.

Hi Jillian. We all miss you. You'll be okay. College takes times...
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Beverly said...

The botanical garden shots are beautiful. Don't feel so guilty about the purse. You'll get to it when you're ready. Relax and enjoy stitches.

Jil Rounsfull said...

Thanks Ms. Boyer, I know I'll get more used to being away from home!

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