Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One day in the far away future....

perhaps our knitting will have survived. Perhaps someone will find it and bring it to the antiques cybershow for appraisal. Well, the 3 things that they always say are the Antique Trinity will have to be there: Rarity. provenance, and beauty.

I can hear them looking at a collection of Al's knitting and mine. They will see my Broadripple socks and comment on its popularity in the early 2000's. Not worth much, but a lovely piece of handiwork. Then they'll move along to my evil purse from last summer. Another simple piece worked with a beautiful colorway of recycled silk, worth a bit more than the socks.......Finally they will come to AL's knitting. The tone will change. The appraiser will say how excited they were when they saw the person bring it in to the cybershow.

They will marvel at the lacework and the intricacy of Al's sweaters. Ah, rare indeed the cabled baby sweater with the rocking horse buttons. Perhaps those buttons are worth more than the sweater, although it in and of itself has value.
Provenance? Well, there appear to be some scribbled pattern notes and remnants of chocolate smudges on the papers. One dated june 2006. And the beauty of the work completes the Antique Trinity. What a lovely find. How much did you pay for these?

Really? You have a treasure of Americana here.

Well, we are keeping them in the family, at least the Baby Sweater with the buttons!
Perhaps we should insure them eh?

hee hee hee

The latest little beauty from Al is shown here: Debbie Bliss Special Knits for children. Al used Aqua by Jaeger. (discontinued? What a shame. It will add to the rarity no doubt!)

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Pat K said...

Beautiful knitting and great picture. Where was it taken?

Stephanie said...

That is beautiful. If my sister in law has a girl then that is a must knit.

Jennifer said...

What a lucky child to receive such a beautiful gift! I always love your photography. Happy knitting.

Birdsong said...

This is just adorable! I can't believe you are going to quote ME - how cool is that! Hugs to you and your husband.

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