Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blues for the end of blue yarn swap month

Today was filled with incredible blues for me. Since my swapper Mo, should be getting her blues soon, I found some great blues to share with you too...
King Tut exhibit was amazing to me. The blues they used in the items that were found in Tut's tomb were so brilliant. Al pointed out some tiny ancient blue beads that were strung on a necklace 3000 years ago. The blues used for the coffins was brilliant as you can see in the image.

The other blue? Well it is the incredible 70 degree blue sky in Chicago today as the backround to my current knitting blue. I am enchanted by plain old cotton classic blue, which I won from Major Jen last year. It knits in a easy, lovely way, and swims across the needles without any effort. Where have you been my treasure?
"Buried" under stash! What a find.
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Karen said...

What great blues!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Tut exhibit. :)

Ling said...

I love blue skies too, except it's now wet & grey in London. Enjoy the blue skies and the blue yarn.

Birdsong said...

Sorry to hear that you were "blue" yesterday. These are lovely photos, and I am terribly envious that you got to King Tut exhibit; I remember viewing the SF one 25 or so years ago with my parents and being so awed.

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