Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Sweet little post

I'm calling Al's Koigu fingerless the Frango Mint Fingerless gloves. Marshall Field's in Chicago makes Frango Mints. There is another store that bought Marshall Field's out and we are a collectively sad Chicago now, awaiting the changes to come. The mints are brown and green like these two koigu colors blended.

The next sweet thing: good'n plenty candies. Well, not quite, but if you go to you will see a nice array of Knitting nice to have's. There is a Knitting Needle Pocket inventory amongst other great things. Love my Knit and Plenty's.

The next sweet thing: Lynn from our Knitting Group sent me the nicest comment the other day. Lynn it is a priveledge to know you look to this little blog for some sunshine. I couldn't be happier about your kind thoughts.

This is post number 474 for the blog. I think a 500th post contest is in order!


Karen said...

Love those fingerless mitts. Anything that reminds us of mints has got to be good!! Aren't Jodi's kits great? I'm proud to say I got to meet her in person at a Saturday morning knit-together. I hope you know your blog brings us all sunshine - it's always great to see your posts come across on Bloglines!! I'm just about ready to get started on your button too - any thoughts?? I'm brainstorming too. :)

Anonymous said...

Not only do the fingerless gloves remind us of Frango mints, they have no calories too!

I think all of your blog readers should leave you a comment on the 500th post and see just how high a number you can collect. Any takers ?

Soory I couldn't make tonight's group. This is a way to keep up with what you have been up too and that is always fun.


Pat K said...

Definitely very minty. Congratulations on almost being to a milestone.

Jennifer said...

Kathy - YEAH! I'm so glad you bought Jodi's kit. She's part of SNL and is so creative. I can hardly wait to read your 500th post. Happy knitting.

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