Friday, May 19, 2006

Marionette Sock Knitting

I am making the Broadripple socks for Al. True to my Pony Point pearl size 1's, in aqua, I am feeling like one of the Von Trapp's working a Marionette with a lonely goat herd. Nothing like sixteen points and two balls of multicolored yarn to impress those sitting around me at Seinfeld's stand up show tonight at Rosemont.
If I had my light-bulb tipped needles, I could work right through the show. I think I'll bring them along for the wait before it starts.

all together now: lady o da lady o da lou!


Agnes said...

Those Pony Point dpns are interesting. How do you like them? I don't like the Susan Bates Silvalum ... still love the Crystal Palace bamboo ones.

Bernadette said...

Are you SERIOUS about the knitting needles with lights at the tips? Wow, they really DO have everything.

Elizabeth said...

Very lovely socks indeed and the ponypurls are as well! Very colorful!!

Karen said...

How are you liking that pattern? It's in my very VERY long "want to knit" list. :) Maybe it's better not to bring light up needles to a comedy show - you'd get made fun of for sure!! Have fun seeing Jerry though!!

Allison said...

I love my socks! Can't wait to wear them, I know it is almost summer but I will still wear them, with my birkenstocks to show them off.

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