Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's hard to be the Boss

Maureen from Irisheyes charter group, always says "You are the boss of your knitting." Well, I'm not ready to be the boss yet.

The gnome I was gifted on Mother's Day from my family is partially pictured in this post. I always wanted a gnome. I've seen gnome buttons in a not so nice Knitting shop here in town. So what does this have to do with being the boss? Nothing, he's just a cutie and I put him in the picture.

Back to the boss thing. Well, I don't think I am good enough to be the boss yet. I found a pattern I loved in Filatura Di Crossa and then was persuaded by someone who I don't dress like, to use a different-than-they-say-so yarn for the pattern.

It is a lovely yarn with a lovely name, Blue Heron in Mossy. Knitted up, I am still trying to convince myself that I like it. This is not a good sign. Do you see how the yarn is bumpy and looks like some worms are in it every so often? I am not liking this.

If I was ready to be the Boss I would have known not to use a yarn different from the suggested. I think I am going to severely trunkate the pattern and make it a short shell. This will allow me to
a) finish faster in the yarn I am pretty certain that my uncertainty is really my personal taste screaming to me louder each day that this isn't the look I was going for.
b)Return the second hank which is yet wound and oh my gosh I better have the receipt
c) Buy another yarn that I will use for another pattern in the book
d) get rid of this ambivelent feeling I am encountering whenever I am supposed to be relaxing and enjoying my knitting.

If Dusty Baker was my boss, all I'd have to do is "show up on time and try my hardest." That's his philosophy that has the Cubs looking themselves in their Chicago mirrors each day and saying "I show up! I try my hardest!" and allows them to go back to sleep both on and off the field.

No, when you are the boss of your knitting, apparently you have to show up, try your hardest, AND be responsible for the whole garment. Phew, no wonder knitting is a beautiful, complicated process. No wonder we are proud when we can wear or see someone wear our work.

Here's to grown-ups in Chicago and all over, who do more than show up on time and try their hardest. It's going to be a long season....

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Bernadette said...

Sorry to hear you are so ambivalent about your project - after all, knitting should be a fun pasttime, not an anxiety-producing chore!

Your idea for the short tank sounds good. The yarn is lovely, with such a pretty colorway. I have a friend who is knitting a sweater, and the yarn is naturally uneven and has little slubs in it. As a relatively new knitter, she was concerned that something was wrong, but it was just the normal texture of the yarn. That helped her a bit, though she isn't sure if she liked/wanted that texture in the first place. She's going to continue and see the finished project.

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