Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cookies and Lilacs

Al is reknitting (knitting over? waste knitting? frogknitting? Leapfrog knitting? Help... is there already a term for taking frogged yarn from your previously knitted garment that went awry and doesn't live up to pattern expectations?) ...I digress ...again

Through the magic of knitavision Al is knitting COOKIE sweater pattern over. Pattern over? What do you call this???? She's frogged my awful sleeveless shell from last summer and it is just perfect yarn for this child's sweater pattern.

The lilacs are blooming here in Chicago. The spring is a real spring this year. Some years we go from snow directly into death by summer heat warnings, in about a week. This year, finally, we are having a wear your poncho, shrug, sweater that you knit and love spring. Purple and green are always lovely together to me.

So what term am I blanking out on?

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Sarah said...

Would the term be recycling the yarn???
sbridger3 at cox dot net

Karen said...

Hurrah for a real spring!!!! I love when everything blooms and you can go out in a light sweater. That sweater is so cute - I love the little diamond pattern on the edge.

Pat K said...

Oh, I love that. And the color. Makes me want to run out and knit something like it.

Christine said...

I love that sweater a lot !

Zoe said...

What a great a pretty little jumper. I can smell the lilacs too!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful pattern. Love it! Where did Al find this? Guess it's too fancy for my little ones though. Our lilacs just finished blooming and now the iris are popping their heads out. I love Spring!!!!

Bernadette said...

Hi! I would have said recycling, too. Very pretty pattern and color! Here almost everything is in bloom - the lilacs, trees (some finished already), azaleas... I love this time of year, it's so colorful!

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